‘Are You Sure You’re Really Dead?’

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(Miracle Max from “The Princess Bride”)

The world’s on fire, Western civilization is being murdered inch by inch–and scientists as the University of Southampton (UK) claim to have proof of life after death ( http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/670781/There-IS-life-after-DEATH-Scientists-reveal-shock-findings-from-groundbreaking-study ).

How did they get that proof?

Well, um, they asked people.

And they found, they say, that “awareness” continues for up to three minutes after someone is pronounced dead, as opposed to the 30 seconds or so that had always been assumed. Some 40% of the patients interviewed, it is said, recalled some form of awareness after someone said, “Yep, he’s dead, all right!”

Well then, he wasn’t really dead, was he? Not if he’s chatting about it afterward.

Ah, science… Do they really think we need them to “prove” or disprove what the Bible has been declaring to us for thousands of years? Is there really all that much difference between three minutes and 30 seconds, stacked up against eternity?

If they truly want to do something useful, they should think of a way to get rid of liberalism.

4 comments on “‘Are You Sure You’re Really Dead?’

  1. They’re now working on a vaccine for liberalism. Patience, my lad. I hear a research grant application has also been submitted for developing a “stupidity” vaccine.

  2. Idiocy abounds – along with the lack of common sense. And I do hope you’re right, Goldbug, since most of their vaccines work to our disadvantage.

  3. Sadly, the church has been following these blind guides for years. Instead of standing strong for a Biblical definition of death, we believed the scientists when they told us our warm, pink, breathing loved one was “brain dead”. And we allowed them to be harvested for their organs, essentially killing them on the operating table. May God forgive us; no wonder we are under judgement.

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