The Return of the Facebook Thingy

As mysteriously as they vanished this afternoon, now they’re back–the little numbers inside the blue Facebook circle at the bottom of each post on this blog. I have no idea what made them disappear, nor have I any idea by what unknown agency they have returned.

I don’t want you to get the idea that I’m thin-skinned about the idea of getting censored for my views. We’re not Europe yet–although News With Views, where I have a column once a week, has had real censorship (read “hacking”) issues which they have been put to a lot of trouble to rectify.

Someday soon in London, England, a blog like this will probably become impossible, what with a specially trained police squad–did I just say “police squad?” As in Leslie Nielson?–and a lot of frothing-at-the-mouth left-wing “volunteers,” backed up by Home Office money. London’s new Sharia Lite regime wishes to extirpate “hate speech,” meaning any speech that leftids and their cohorts don’t like. Don’t look for “Death to the infidels!” to be listed as a thing you’re not allowed to say.

Oh, well… time for a nap. See y’all later.

3 comments on “The Return of the Facebook Thingy

  1. Well, I’m glad your facebook thingy came back on its own. I, for one, am clueless when it comes to most things techy. I manage to get by on my computer, but only with simple tasks lol

  2. I’m with you, Linda. I know only enough to do what I must do (usually). Sometimes, I think it is just as well, as I do not want to live my life for
    the estuff. It does get very frustrating sometimes, though. The problem with newswithview has been a real aggravation for awhile. Most day, I would have to leave my email and go directly to the website on line. sigh…

  3. LOL- judging from the unhelpful comments, including mine, it looks like we’re all in the same boat of being technologically challenged. But don’t sweat it – i’m sure I know a whole lot less than you do since you are at least able to navigate your website and to control all the strings attached to it to keep it running. Once I leave the comment section, I’m out of my realm.

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