Bonus Hymn, ‘You Raise Me Up’

I reckon a lot of us can use this hymn today–You Raise Me Up, performed by Celtic Woman.

Raise us up, O Lord, as only you can do! We need it.

By Request, ‘You Raise Me Up’

I’m not very hip to music, so when Erlene pointed me to Josh Groban, I’d never heard of him, so I went to youtube and found this: You Raise Me Up.

I read the lyrics. I’m not sure that this is a hymn–but it could be. I don’t think God would mind at all if we were to sing this to Him.

Sanity Break: Dog Sings ‘You Raise Me Up’

Before we get into reporting any of the unedifying news of this day (if I can find the stomach for it), how about a trio singing this lovely song, You Raise Me Up–two guys, with a French Bulldog to sing the harmony? Call me a nut, but I find this rather beautiful.

Just one thing: how come when dogs sing, it’s cute, but when cats sing, they get shoes thrown at them?

Hymn, ‘You Raise Me Up’

By reader request, here’s You Raise Me Up. Linda, I hope you like this version by Celtic Woman.