Oops! More Racism!

Two professors at the Smith College School of Social Work are on the griddle for complaining to the administration about certain aspects of their mission. ( http://chronicle.com/article/Leaked-Faculty-Letters-Expose/237491/) Inevitably, they’ve been branded as racists. Biggits, too. They’ll probably be fired: anything to please the students.

The profs objected to their having to teach a lot of students who, in their view, were gravely unprepared for college work. They also complained about the administration’s habitual caving to students’ demands, no matter how ridiculous. One of them even went so far as to speculate that social work is “not for everyone.”

The unidentified person who leaked the professors’ complaints cites “a climate of fear experienced by persons of color at Smith.”

They scare awful easy these days, don’t they?

And all this is in spite of the college’s ceaseless attempts to appease chronically thin-skinned, whiny students, publishing a formal “anti-racism statement” and chasing their tails to root out this or that “ism” so that the students will never, never see or hear anything that might offend them.

I will have to ask Joe Collidge what he thinks of this. But not today.

4 comments on “Oops! More Racism!

  1. They are looking for a condition that has never, does not now, or will ever exist on this planet. They just need to grow up, and get over themselves. For someone who is determined to be offended, there is no other hope.

  2. I have a friend who’s heritage is: black, white, Puerto Rican and Native American. She once asked me what I would put down on a form that asked the question of race. I told her to reply with ‘human’.

    1. Didn’t she know that constitutes microaggression? Looks like she has to be made more diverse! I’m sure Joe Collidge’s prefesser could straighten her out.

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