‘Fragile World’: A Heads-Up for a Fine Christian Film

Courtesy of writer-director Sandy Boikian, Patty and I have just watched an excellent movie, Fragile World (http://www.fragileworldmovie.com/). I’ll write a full review for The Chalcedon Foundation, and one for this site, too, once my allergies stop tormenting me. But I just wanted to tip you off to it now, so you can take advantage of any opportunity to see it.

What happens when a vulnerable young woman, with a history of delusions, falls in love–and can’t be sure the man is really… well, real? Is he another delusion? She has a new friend who wants to help her, but isn’t sure how.

This story has a good time keeping you guessing. And I’m happy to say it isn’t one of those “Christian movies” that’s just like any secular movie only with some Christian stuff slapped on like a decal. You’ll begin to suspect it’s about magic of some kind, but there is one thing you can be sure about–it’s about faith: “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). And the relationship between faith and what we know–or think we know–as reality.

Movies like this need to be made, and watched, and thought over, and talked about. Movies, TV, books, and all the rest of our popular culture–this, people, is how we educate ourselves. We spend thousands of hours consuming this stuff, and it shapes our whole way of thinking.

Heal the culture, and you heal the nation.

I think God is calling us to let Him use us for that purpose.

And I am sure that the nation cannot be healed unless we can get the culture out of the sickbed.

PS: Sorry, couldn’t get the trailer to display separately. You’ll have to click the link to see it.

PPS: Never mind, I got it from youtube (*!*)


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