The Thug Party

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I am about to violate my custom of keeping the Sabbath by abstaining from public controversies. But if I were an ordained minister, I’d be moved to preach about this topic from the pulpit.

We’ve all heard a lot of bilge about Trump supporters being “violent” and “menacing” and “fostering a climate of fear,” etc. But what is actually reported in the news, just about every day? Is it Trumpers beating up Democrats? Hardly!

Nope, what we see in the news every day is Democrats physically assaulting persons who have made the mistake of wearing a Trump T-shirt or coming out of a Trump campaign event.

But why should this surprise us? Four years ago, right here in my own neck of the woods, a gang of “labor relations consultants,” aka goons, broke into a Romney campaign headquarters one evening, found a woman there alone, trashed the place but good, and also beat up the woman and put her in the hospital with a broken arm and other injuries.

Now, for those who insist there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats, they’re all the same, blah-blah, I can only say that, having been an active member of both parties in my time, I don’t think Republicans are even able to conceive of mischief such as this, let alone do it. If you want to get up a gang to beat up a woman, you pretty much need Democrat DNA for that.

No one has as great a sense of entitlement as any kind of liberal. You must affirm and celebrate their various lifestyles. You must do away with any public expression of the Christian religion. You must respect it when they come onto your website and insult you (they’re only doing it because yore stopid and thay has got a rihgjt to doo it). You must acknowledge “their truth” as always taking precedence over the truth. You must shut up and respect their Safe Space or else be branded a Racist and a biggit. And on and on and so on.

No, I’m not saying we should be like them. Heaven forbid!

But if we have a duty to speak truth to power, I think we have an even bigger one to speak truth to ignorance.

2 comments on “The Thug Party

  1. This is the same mindset that allows a criminal to occupy the White House and another one to run for the same office. If you don’t think like they do, then shut up – that is their mantra. Well, we serve a God who is about to let them know how wrong they are. Praise His Holy Name!

  2. I agree with both of you. We have come to a sorry place in our nation when these things are accepted. There is always a price to pray for this
    kind of behavior. Whatever a person sows, that shall he also reap, and I
    am wondering when all this will hit the wall.

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