A Medley of Cardinal Songs

Hi, Mr. Nature here! Let’s wash out that nasty aftertaste of news and politics and enjoy some of the good stuff God has given us.

If your neighborhood’s like mine, with an awful lot of foliage, you’re more likely to hear the birds than see them. And if you’re like me, one cardinal can make you think you’ve got half a dozen different kinds of birds all hiding out in the same tree.

Cardinals sing a lot of different songs, and this video will clue you in to four of them. You’d think it’d be easy to see cardinals, but I think they’re seen only when they want to be seen. You can always hear them, though.

7 comments on “A Medley of Cardinal Songs

  1. We have a few cardinals that frequent our yard because they love the sunflower seeds I put out 🙂 We also have a few woodpeckers who come for the peanuts, and also a few beautiful little wild canaries who love the seeds too.

    When I lived in North Florida, every spring I had a pair of Indigo Buntings that stopped in my yard during their migration for the seeds I would put out. What a beautiful bird!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful cardinals. They are another thing I miss from my childhood in Missouri. I almost never see one here the pacific northwest.
    The other birds are beautiful, too. We have two wild cherry trees out back,
    and they attract several different species now that they are ripening. The most fun is the humming birds that we put out feeders for. There are four different colors and they are very amusing sometimes.

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