Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

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(I had to take my blood pressure before I wrote about this.)

There’s unedifying, then disgusting, revolting, appalling… and then there’s this.

Southside With You, threatening to come soon to a theater near you, is a movie about Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date and ensuing romance (ack! ugh! ia! Cthulhu fhthagn!), a film that “reimagines the first couple…” (http://ijr.com/2016/05/597917-a-movie-about-the-obamas-first-date-is-coming-to-theaters-soon-but-the-trailer-is-out-now/ )

Do you know what “reimagine” means? It means you’ve come up with enough lies to bury Asia. You “reimagine” this pair of–well, a man who never did a nickel’s worth of honest work in his life, and a woman with a hair-trigger temper–crikey, I can’t say it! I literally can’t repeat, or even paraphrase, the bilge that’s in the press release. Has anybody seen my barf bag?

So I guess they won’t be showing Michelle picking Barack up and tucking him under one arm as she strolls over to the stall where they sell the $5,000 sneakers, or show him playing golf while our people in Benghazi get murdered in the streets. They will stretch artistic license till it screams for mercy, depicting President *Batteries Not Included as having a brain and being able to talk without a teleprompter.

Are we truly grown so servile? These people rob us blind, ravage our republican institutions, corrupt our courts, wipe the floor with our Constitution, and insult us every day–and we idolize them? We sit and watch sappy movies about them? Merciful heavens, have we truly come to this?

Say it ain’t so, Joe… say it ain’t so.

5 comments on “Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

  1. Wow, with your description, I did not have the nerve to click on this one this morning. I got very little sleep last night, have a hurting hip and stomach feeling a little queasy already, so I will have to postpone this one.
    But, every day it gets more sick and disgusting. Can’t take much more.

  2. By the way, remember that the usurper-in-chief has many times referred to ‘her’ as Michael – even on camera!

  3. I get the feeling the Obamas have a loveless marriage. They rarely ever travel together, even on Valentine’s Day.

    1. Oh, well, what about that big “date” they had in New York, first term, jetting there on AF1, costing us poor saps a million bucks?
      That should have clued us in to what was coming.

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