College Course Title: ‘Stop White People’

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So you want to send your kids to college? Hey! How about you send ’em to State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton? Then they can get involved in a little kampus kaper called “Stop White People” ( ).

Wow. They’re actually admitting whites are people. Had me worried, for a moment there.

We are told not to worry, this isn’t really tied in with racial hatred–although it sure as hell would be if it were called “Stop Black People”–they just thought it’d be cool to use such a catchy title. I think they got that from Lame Excuses 101.

At what point, people, do you decide enough’s enough? At what point do you stop forking over money to these collidges–to say nothing of turning your kids’ minds over to them? Or do you simply never reach that point–although why that should be is more than I can imagine.

Meanwhile, please bear in mind that sowing racial animosity is a sin. To make people hate each other, who otherwise wouldn’t, is indeed a sin.

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  1. If you want to see a very strange science experiment, check out the Pharaoh’s Serpent Demonstration and the Pharaoh’s Serpent in 4K on you tube

    1. That was a stunning video, but I’d rather not post it because there are some toxic materials involved. Doesn’t seem a good idea to be messing around with mercury vapor.

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