Princeton: You Can’t Say ‘Man’ Anymore

Merciful heavens, I was writing about this poop in the early 1970s, and now it’s back. The gray ponytail crowd has brought it back.

The Human Resources Dept. at Princeton University has issued a new diktat against ever uttering the word “man”–because, of course, it ain’t “inclusive.” (  Literally, you can’t say “man and wife,” or “man-made,” or “workmanlike.” They have provided no guidance as to what you ought to say if you live in Manhattan or come from the Isle of Man.

This stuff was supposed to be over, gone, kaput, decades ago. They’ve brought it back. Collidge has brought it all back.

It’s like a bad dream, a recurring nightmare. It’s like getting lost in the Hall of Mirrors on the  boardwalk. There, at least, the guy can come in and get you out. The Hall of Mirrors that our culture has been turned into has no guy to lead you back outside.

My hope is in the Lord which made the heavens and the earth (Psalm 121:2). He and no one else will take away the Hall of Mirrors.

He’s laughing at us now. When He’s done laughing, watch out.

5 comments on “Princeton: You Can’t Say ‘Man’ Anymore

  1. Yes, I’m sure that HE who sits in heaven is laughing, but as you say, when the laughing ends, He holds them in derision and in His hot displeasure, He rebukes them. It is going to be disastrous.

  2. Man oh man, they just never stop do they? It’s almost enough to make a MAN or woMAN weep un-MANly tears. MANkind is in a heap of MANmade trouble.

  3. Seems the Creator has no problem with these designations. In the beginning, He created man in His image, MALE AND FEMALE created He them. That is unchangeable.

  4. I too, thought that this madness fizzled out, sometime in the past when the Boomer generation decided to grow up and enjoy life, instead of the non-stop complaining they did in the ‘60s. But it’s back in full force, in all of its ignominy.

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