Nhow I Cant Tallk!!!

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Damb that stopid Biggit Lee and damb “that” Feeby too!!! Thay sayed yiu “cood” eet Fligh Payper it wood “be” “jist” Like Frentch Frys and i beleaved themb so i eated Some AND NOW I CANT TALLK and it “is” Alll thare Fawlt!!!!

The Stodent Soviet it was maiking “a” Liszt of wirds no boddy wil be aloud to Say becose themb wirds thay “are” Not Inclussave and aslo hat speach and thay was assking stodents to “Put” moar wirds “on” The liszt and then I red that stopid Stuph that lee and feeby thay writed abuot yiu “can” has Fligh Payper and it whil “be” Jist The saime as Frentch Frys AND NHOW AL MY TEETHS THAY ARE STICK TOGETTHER and my mowth it is Stuck Shutt!!!!!!!!!! and it hapened to Two otther membranes of the Stodent Soviet tooo thay cant tawk no more Ether!!!

Nhow no boddy thay evvir sayed “that” Inclusovniss it is eezy!! Thats wye we has to wirk “so” Harrd at It!! Well dambit i dont “know” watt to Do nhow!!! Yiu wood “think” a Interllectural lyke me I cood eazally figgure it out but i jist “Cant” get Un Stuck!!! This it is Horrabull!!!! and aslo i am feeling kynd of Sick!!

Finly i hadded to go “to the” Infirmerry and the Norse she sayed i wood has to put Baby Oyle in my mowth and wheight fore the gloo on the Fligh Payper to dezolve!! Watt a Awful time i hadded!!!!!!! But she says i wil come Un-glooed in anether cupple of Hours and than she “can” pull the Fligh Payper out!

Yiu jist Cant “trussed” any Thing yiu reed ennymoar!!

Princeton: You Can’t Say ‘Man’ Anymore

Merciful heavens, I was writing about this poop in the early 1970s, and now it’s back. The gray ponytail crowd has brought it back.

The Human Resources Dept. at Princeton University has issued a new diktat against ever uttering the word “man”–because, of course, it ain’t “inclusive.” (https://trendingviews.com/princeton-university-hr-says-you-cant-say-man-anymore-what/  Literally, you can’t say “man and wife,” or “man-made,” or “workmanlike.” They have provided no guidance as to what you ought to say if you live in Manhattan or come from the Isle of Man.

This stuff was supposed to be over, gone, kaput, decades ago. They’ve brought it back. Collidge has brought it all back.

It’s like a bad dream, a recurring nightmare. It’s like getting lost in the Hall of Mirrors on the  boardwalk. There, at least, the guy can come in and get you out. The Hall of Mirrors that our culture has been turned into has no guy to lead you back outside.

My hope is in the Lord which made the heavens and the earth (Psalm 121:2). He and no one else will take away the Hall of Mirrors.

He’s laughing at us now. When He’s done laughing, watch out.

University’s War on Reality

You are getting educated. You are getting verrrry educated…

The Student Senate at Kansas University has voted to abolish “binary pronouns”–that is, ordinary English words like he and she, him and her–from its official Rules and Regulations document ( http://www.zerocensorship.com/t/uncensored-us-education/183725-kansas-university-student-senate-bans-his-her-calls-pronouns-a-microaggression#axzz3r6ZoRXZA ).


Because these ordinary English words constitute “microaggression” against some unspecified victim.

And what the dickens is “microaggression”?

Oh, it’s anything you say or do, no matter how innocent or innocuous, that some kollege kook might decide to take offense at, or be “hurt” by. It’s any language that is not “inclusive.”

What does “inclusive” mean?

Aw, who cares!

This is just another great institution of higher learning petulantly, childishly, making war on reality. They don’t like the fact that human beings are either male or female. They reject it! Why, there’s no end to the number of genders out there! And every cotton-pickin’ thing you say has got to include all of them, or else we’ll throw a hissy fit and key your car.

Your tuition dollars at work.

Honestly–can’t you think of any better way to spend your money?