What the Devil is This?

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Hillary Clinton has given a speech in which she denounced some newly-discovered “alt-right” conspiracy masterminded by Alex Jones, Breitbart, and, for all I know, Vincenzo Anthony Pinocchio ( http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/08/25/alt-right-hillary-clinton-supporters-struggle-explain/ ).

No one seemed to know what she was talking about, at the time. But one thing I do know: Hillary Clinton is a criminal.

And here’s another thing I know. If they think I’m going to use their new term that they just dreamed up, they can stick it in their gravitas.

Here is a crook who used her office as Secretary of State to rake in fabulous amounts of money for her alleged “charity,” the Clinton Foundation: the biggest pay-for-play scam in U.S. history. Anyone else would have been tossed into the slammer so fast, it would’ve made her head spin.

But Loretta Lunch–er, Lynch–waved her magic wand and made the indictments go away.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal.

That’s all we need to know.

7 comments on “What the Devil is This?

  1. Be interesting to see if we now have another criminal WH occupant, or have enough people become aware?

  2. America has been given over to its own iniquity – Divine Judgment is upon us – and this nation that has welcomed Satan in, deserves its fate.

    1. Linda, I left my church long ago–or rather, my church left me; it went over to the dark side–so I guess I could be listed as a “none.” As I see it, the church I was brought up in has ceased to exist.
      A lot of “nones” are “none” because the flatline Protestant churches of America are no longer worthy of the name.

    2. True. I left the Catholic Church when I was of age because I saw it as an idolatrous pagan ritualistic place and it made me very uneasy.

      However, the article points out that many of the ‘nones’ have left the Christian Church (or the faith) to replace it with occult, wiccan, pagan, idolatrous, new age ‘religions’. That’s where the tragedy is.

      Many of us who are Christians are non-denominational and have no actual building to call our church. The Body of Christ IS the Christian Church. There is no point in entering a building that is not occupied by God.

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