‘Draw Me Nearer’

This is the first hymn that popped into my head today, this old Fanny Crosby classic. Hearing it played like this on a piano, just the piano–boy, does that ever take me back to Sunday school!

4 comments on “‘Draw Me Nearer’

  1. Thank you, Lee. Piano is one of my favorite instruments.

    Here’s a beautiful hymn – and an outstanding video! Very moving and inspiring!

    1. Linda, I don’t know why, but the link doesn’t work. If you’ll give me the title, I ought to be able to find it on youtube.

    2. For Your Name Is Holy – I Enter The Holy of Holies – Paul Wilbur – Lyrics

  2. Thank you, what a blessing. Both of these are favorites of mine. They are expressions of the very prayers I often pray.

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