By Request, ‘Draw Me Nearer’

How about an old Sunday school favorite? Requested by Erlene, Draw Me Nearer–one of some eight or nine thousand hymns written by Fanny Crosby, sung by the Celebration Choir. You might want to turn up the volume on this one.

‘Draw Me Nearer’

There being no hymn requests currently unserved (I hope!), let me dip into my store of Sunday school favorites for this one, by Fanny Crosby in 1875–Draw Me Nearer. Organ and piano–the old-fashioned way!–at Rosehill Church. No choir, but we have the lyrics if you want to sing along. Background sets by God the Father.

‘Draw Me Nearer’–a 1906 Recording

Fanny Crosby, born in 1820 and blind for almost all her life, wrote over 8,000 hymns, many of them still loved and sung to this day. If I posted a different Fanny Crosby hymn here every day, it would still take some 20 years to post them all.

This antique Edison recording was made in 1906, when Fanny Crosby was still alive to hear it.

This is for Erlene, one of her favorite hymns–well, for everybody, really.

Bonus Hymn, ‘Draw Me Nearer’

I always post any hymn that really asserts itself in my mind, even if I don’t know why it should. This morning that hymn was Draw Me Nearer–a Fanny Crosby classic from 1875. I had a hard time finding a video that was simple and straightforward: so I’ve got this for you, from some little church somewhere. Thank you, whoever you are–that was the way I wanted to hear it.

By Request, ‘Draw Me Nearer’

This is another one of those hymns we sang in Sunday school, with the superintendent’s wife on the piano: a very happy memory. We thank Erlene for requesting it.

This recording was made in 1906, on one of those old wax Edison cylinders that they had before records were invented. The high quality will amaze you.

Before she died in 1915, Fanny Crosby wrote between 8,000 and 9,000 hymns, many of which are loved the world over. If I posted a different Fanny Crosby hymn every day, it would take some 20 years to post them all.

Sunday School Favorite: ‘Draw Me Nearer’

It’s said Fanny Crosby wrote this hymn off the top of her head, all at once, while visiting with the composer–who just happened to have the tune handy.

Anyway, this is the hymn that was in my head this morning, and I hope you like the video. God’s handiwork never fails to move me. Draw Me Nearer, with video by the Rosehill Church.

Sunday School Favorite: ‘Draw Me Nearer’

Pressed for time this morning, I couldn’t find quite what I wanted in the form of this wonderful old Fanny Crosby hymn, Draw Me Nearer. But this plain little piano rendition is pretty close to what we sang to, in Sunday school.

I have no idea why so many artists perform this hymn as if it were a dirge. This is one you whistle as you walk down the street! And God will hear it.

By Request, ‘Draw Me Nearer’

Our first hymn request of the day is from Erlene–showing the new visitors how it’s done.

This recording of Fanny Crosby’s Draw Me Nearer, sung by Harry Anthony and James Harrison, is 110 years old! It’s on an antique Edison Records disc.

In addition to the hymn itself, these voices from the past have a glorious message for us: Christ’s Church is forever.

‘Draw Me Nearer’ (the Past Sings to Us)

This is one of more than 8,000 hymns written by Fanny Crosby–Draw Me Nearer–and this recording is one of the few she would have had the opportunity to hear during her own lifetime.

Fanny died in 1915, and this Edison cylinder is from 1906. Many of you are two young to remember records and record-players. Well, these discs go back way before that. This is the very beginning of recorded sound.

Well, we all age; but Fanny Crosby’s hymns go on and on, praising and loving our Eternal God.

‘Draw Me Nearer’

This is the first hymn that popped into my head today, this old Fanny Crosby classic. Hearing it played like this on a piano, just the piano–boy, does that ever take me back to Sunday school!