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Looking for Reasons to Kill You

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The British Medical Assn. has issued “guidelines”–hold on to your hats!–to relatives of seriously ill and non-communicating hospital patients, asking them to “trawl through” their loved one’s emails, Tweets, and Facebook postings to find “any indication that they may want to die” (https://www.wnd.com/2019/01/new-medical-warning-your-social-media-comments-could-get-you-killed/).

In 2017 they put a patient to death based on an email she sent her daughter in 2013. Recalling her father’s dementia, the woman told her daughter, “Get the pillow ready if I get that way.” Interpreting this as a green light, hospital authorities pulled the plug on life support and killed the patient.

One thing they’re not telling us is how far back they want patients’ kin to “trawl,” looking for some kind of “I wish I were dead” remark. Like, what did you say when no one asked you to the prom? When you peed your pants in kindergarten and all the other kids found out? When you lost your job at 40 and couldn’t find another?

Some of my readers believe there is a section of the world’s ruling class that seriously wants to depopulate the earth, and is taking steps toward that end. I’ve always resisted that suspicion, on the grounds that being a tyrant is no fun unless you’ve got a lot of people to pick on, the more the merrier.

But Satan would like to see us all dead, and God’s world a lifeless, blackened shell. And don’t waste your breath trying to tell me the Far Left Crazy isn’t satanist. Not to mention all those people who say they don’t believe in Satan, but serve him anyway.

Again we ask–can the human race survive humanism?

In Christ alone we can. And will.

He Just Won’t Stay in the Tomb!

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Back in 2009 this was just the latest “study” intended to prove that “religion”–what they really mean is Christianity–is on its way out, thank Darwin, imagine there’s no heaven, imagine there’s no hell, blah-blah-blah (“Blather Bingo!”)…

I took some pains to cover the American Religious Identification Survey and found it somewhat less than–well, pick the word. Honest? Candid? You decide.


In reality, we find that the Christians who are leaving liberal feel-good churches are not ceasing to be Christians; and that Jesus Christ, who was crucified and shut up in the tomb, yea, He lives! They keep putting the stone back, and He keeps rolling it away.

I will never understand what motivates anybody to devoting his or her excuse for a life to “proving” that there is no God and convincing others to shed their religious faith.

I don’t think I even want to ask what it is that they have faith in.

Sacraments of Humanism: Sex Education

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We wonder why public school “educators” are always so hot to trot for sex education–and the younger the children in the classroom, the more eagerly the educators swing into action. In Britain, as reported earlier today, they now want to go after two-year-olds. (https://leeduigon.com/2017/04/19/uk-teachers-vote-sex-ed-for-2-year-olds/)

It’s because what they like to call “sex education” is a sacrament of a false religion, secular humanism. The other humanist sacraments are sodomy, transgenderism, abortion, and assisted suicide.

Another big question is why parents, even Christian parents, continue to allow believers in that false religion to educate their children, day in, day out, and year after year.

Rather large  books can be, and have been, written on this subject. This is only a blog post. It’s my way of urging parents and families to stop subjecting their children to public education.

Years ago, I worked most days as a substitute teacher at a public high school, called in to teach any and all subjects with only one exception–sex education. No substitute was ever called in for that. If the teacher was absent, an assistant principal had to supervise the class.

To keep parents from ever knowing exactly what was being taught, the textbooks were never allowed to be taken out of the classroom. Students complained that this made it hard for them to study for tests and quizzes, but that was the policy and the administration was not about to change it.

A student or a teacher in a public school can fall into a world of trouble by openly expressing any kind of faithfulness to Christian teaching. “You can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel.” This is, increasingly, what is being taught.

The Coalition of African-American Pastors, just to name one of many groups of concerned citizens and Christians, has warned that this kind of indoctrination is not going to go away, it is going to be made more intense as time goes by, and if we leave it alone and do nothing to stop it, our society will be severely damaged by it.

They couldn’t be more right. (http://caapusa.org/2017/04/beware-those-who-have-their-heads-in-the-sand-over-transgender-issues/ )

The Humanist Messiah

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When you take over God’s job, you have no end of problems.

Take that business about being the Creator. It’s maddening. All you’ve got to work with is stuff God already created. Even the minds of secular humanists were created by God. We do not know why He didn’t make them better at using them.

God created man, so humanists want to create something better. Their creation, their Homo sapiens 2.0, will be new, improved, far superior to the current version. It will be able to solve all the world’s problems that have licked us so far–war, poverty, hate, and getting blackberry seeds stuck between your teeth.

This is the humanist messiah. Artificial Intelligence. Flawed, sinful, mortal man will, with his own intelligence that has given us movies like Gigli and foreign policies that look like they were dreamed up by Punch and Judy, create intelligent beings that’ll be much smarter and much better behaved than their creators.

Yes, there are a few scientists who’ve been trying to warn us that the A.I. enterprise is bound to turn out like Windows 8–not quite as nice as you expected. But because there is no one as anti-human as a humanist, the God wannabes seem eager to scrap H. sapiens 1.0 altogether, just plain get rid of us, with all our stupid problems, and replace us with their own creation. “It’ll be sooo much better! You’ll see!” Although how we’ll actually be able to see it from the boneyard, they don’t say.

C.S. Lewis already told us all about this, way back in 1945, in That Hideous Strength.

We already have a God, a Creator and a Savior, and He has equipped us with enough common sense to see that something perfect cannot and will not be created by imperfect beings. But it was Satan who told us that it can–way back in the beginning (see Genesis 3).

And it is Satan who’s the god of humanism.



Robots Butcher Beethoven

Why do secular humanists always act like they’re trying to get rid of the human race? They’re into abortion, sodomy, euthanasia, assisted suicide… and robots. Japan has practically stopped having babies, but they’re really big on robots.

Here are some robots that have been programed to “sing,” if that’s the word for it, the “Ode to Joy” chorus from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. You’ll recognize it after a while. Note the nut off-camera who cheers hysterically when they’re finished. Do robots need applause?

But then I don’t see why we should need robots, when we’ve already got Democrats.

Our Post-9/11 Secular Humanist Paradise

Image result for 9/11 cross

Check out this link: a pair of drug-using lost souls conk out from heroin at a traffic stop in East Liverpool, Ohio–with their four-year-old son stuck helplessly in the back seat of their car ( http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-37320535 ). It tells you all you need to know about the way our country, and the whole fallen world, is headed.

Yeah, well, happily we’ve got all sorts of socialist safety-nets to soften the consequences of pissing your life into a fan. So you can keep on doing it.

On this day 15 years ago our country was attacked on her own soil, for the first time since the War of 1812, by a barbaric enemy that doesn’t even have a state to call its own. Unless you’re counting ISIS.

Since then, the Christ-rejecting rulers of the Western world have learned nothing. Not a thing. Oh, they try every trick they know of, to appease this ruthless enemy. “Embrace Islam,” the head honcho of France counsels his people. Sort of like the way Germany’s doing it. Sort of like the way our own country’s leaders want to do it. And in the meantime, do everything in their power to alienate their nations from their God.

Yes, we had drug addicts before 9/11. We have more of them now. Our rulers think they can solve the world’s problems by erasing national borders and wiping out morality. Their own voters have encouraged them to think so. “Just give us more power! Just pay us higher taxes! You’ll see–it’ll work out just fine!”

No. It won’t.

A nation that is not a nation under God is a nation going under.

‘God of Our Fathers’

Here’s another one we used to sing in assembly in high school, until the Supreme Court came along and established secular humanism as the official religion before which all others must bow.

Gee, I wish we’d paid more attention to this hymn, and truly taken it to heart, while we were singing it!

You know what we should’ve done? We should’ve ignored them–just as Peter and John ignored the Temple authorities when they ordered them to stop preaching Jesus Christ.

We should have kept on praying, kept on singing, kept on saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holiday” (really, could anything be more ridiculous than a holiday whose name may not be mentioned?)–what were they gonna do about it? Throw us to the lions?

Now, this day, today–now is the time to stand back up again: and sing louder.

‘The Rape Capitol of Europe’

Warning: The maker of this video has employed a number of cuss words to express his indignation over the self-destructive lunacy practiced by the rulers of his country.

Listen to what this man has to say about Sweden. It’s his home, so he sees it up-close and personal. He is convinced “Sweden is the most self-loathing country on earth.”

But you could easily replace “Sweden” and dub in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or France, and everything else could stay the way it is. Self-destructive multicultural insanity is happening everywhere throughout the Western world.

The narrator is wrong, of course, when he pledges his own allegiance to “values” that include secularism and humanism. You won’t beat hyperventilating Islam with secularism and humanism. The reason our Western countries are going round and round down the drain today is because their people turned away from God and put their trust in secularism and humanism.

Islam, along with secular humanism, is a scourge raised up by God to chastise us for our ingratitude, our pride, our sloth, our lard-brained tomfoolery.

Doubt it? Read the Book of Jeremiah. Read it very carefully. Give it your undivided attention.

If God was willing to burn Jerusalem and tear down the Temple, what will He be willing to do to us–the countries that once were Christendom, who have committed all the sins of Israel and Judah and gone on to make up some really far-out sins of our own?

Look at the leaders He has given Sweden. Then look at the leaders He has given us.

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