Nature Treat: The Luna Moth

Hi, Mr. Nature here–and would you believe it? I’ve never in my life seen one of these beautiful creatures in the flesh: the luna moth. The map says they live where I live, but I’ve never, ever, seen one.

Note how trustingly the moth perches on the man’s finger. I guess you have to, if your wings got rained on and they’re too wet to fly.

This moth is one of God’s loveliest creations.

I do hope I see one someday.

5 comments on “Nature Treat: The Luna Moth

  1. A number of years ago, I had to rescue one from INSIDE my house! My daughter was getting ready for school and came running out of the bathroom: “Mom! Mom! Come and see! What is this?” “Ooooh!”, I said. “Don’t touch it!” I ran back out to the kitchen, got a large plastic container, cupped it over the gorgeous Luna Moth, slid a sheet of paper between the wall outlet and the container, and brought her outside where she set sail for parts unknown – right over my rooftop! What a gorgeous creature I had the pleasure of briefly sharing my home with 🙂

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