‘God’s Stuff: Water Striders’ (2015)

Let’s step back for a moment from National Emergency and have a look at a bit of God’s stuff. Water striders.

If He takes care for them, He will take care for us.

God’s Stuff: Water Striders

God’s stuff always works. It’s our stuff that doesn’t.

The Monster Pollen Cloud

I don’t know what it’s like in other states, but here in New Jersey, about this time of year, we get pollen galore. I mean, you come out every morning to find a layer of green dust all over your car.

Watch what happens when the bulldozer bumps into this pollen-laden tree in Millville. If that driver has allergies, he’s a dead man.

The Battling ‘Roos of Suburbia

G’day, mate! Mr. Nature here, somewhere in the suburbs in Australia, just in time for an early-morning fight between two male kangaroos.

These guys can get up to eight feet tall when they stand on their hind legs; and with the sturdy tail available as a third leg, they can kick with both hind legs at once. Meanwhile, they punch and scratch with their clawed forepaws.

I don’t see anybody running outside to break this up.

Why did God make kangaroos so fierce?

He didn’t. It’s the fallen world that made them fierce. And anyway, the occasional ferocity of male kangaroos in mating season hardly holds a candle to the ferocity of human beings toward one another.

God is at work, even now, to restore His creation to its original state of purity. We wonder why it’s taking Him so long.

But I know one thing for sure: I’d rather He did it than us.

Cardinals and Snow

Hi, Mr. Nature here–what what goes together better than red cardinals and white snow? This video, which has the quality of a live Christmas card, is from Oklahoma.

Cardinals and snow: this is God’s stuff, and it tells us, in so many different voices, “God is nigh!” Listen: you can hear it.

The Incredible Walking Worm

Hi, Mr. Nature here! Allow me to introduce you to Peripatus, a neat little critter which I call “the walking worm.” It’s sort of like an earthworm, sort of like a caterpillar, but not really like either one. I would like to have some in an aquarium but Mrs. Nature won’t let me.

These walking worms live in warm climates around the world, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. They eat small insects, which they capture by spraying stuff at them which hardens on contact, immobilizing the prey. These animals would be great for law enforcement if they were the size of German shepherds. You’d just have to train them not to eat the suspects.

I can’t help thinking God must have smiled when He created these. I’m sure I would’ve.

Nature Treat: The Luna Moth

Hi, Mr. Nature here–and would you believe it? I’ve never in my life seen one of these beautiful creatures in the flesh: the luna moth. The map says they live where I live, but I’ve never, ever, seen one.

Note how trustingly the moth perches on the man’s finger. I guess you have to, if your wings got rained on and they’re too wet to fly.

This moth is one of God’s loveliest creations.

I do hope I see one someday.

My Friend, the Enormous Stingray

Hi! Mr. Nature here, with some more of the strange and fascinating stuff that God has included in His creation.

Here we see a boy playing with a humongous stingray–not an activity I would personally recommend. After all, a stingray that size could kill you dead with one thrust of his stinger. But this child pets it, talks to it, and even feeds it, and comes to no harm.

My question is, what’s going through the stingray’s mind? We have no idea what kind of mind it has. Is it enjoying this little play session? And if you were a stingray, how would you process this experience? I mean, this is so far off the beaten path, I hardly know what to start wondering about.

Just a reminder of how little we truly know, and how much remains to be learned and understood…

Sanity Break: Squirrel at Play

Hi, Mr. Nature here!

I’ve seen this going on in my yard many, many times, but I still get a kick out of it–a squirrel playing with a stick. Maybe you’ve seen it, too. They do this when there don’t happen to be any other squirrels around to play with. This little game with the stick argues for imagination, intelligence, and a certain joy in living on the squirrel’s part.

God’s stuff works!

Thanks for Your Prayers

Thanks to all of you who have weighed in with prayers for my health. I believe in the power of prayer and the sovereignty of God.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll be delighted with this brief video of an even briefer animal, the pygmy jerboa. It’s a sort of jumping mouse. The more  closely you look at it, the more you’ll wonder if it’s really real.

Another one of those cool animals God created,,,

What Our Political Campaigns are Really Like

For a moment there, I thought this was a video of our 2016 presidential campaign–scavengers fighting over a carcass.

Then I remembered that the carcass of America is still a little bit alive, whereas the one in the video is entirely dead.