What’s With Facebook?

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Suddenly Facebook won’t let me share any of my posts. When I try, I just get a message that the post contains “content that has been blocked by our security system.”

Really? A hymn by the Ruppe Sisters? A news video that’s already been seen by gajillions of people? What’s in those to set off Facebook’s alarm bells?

If any of you out there  can enlighten me as to what’s happening with me and Facebook this morning, I’d much appreciate it if you’d let me know. Are they banning conservative or Christian content? What’s the story?

And are you able to share these posts on Facebook, even if I can’t?

9 comments on “What’s With Facebook?

  1. Sir I really think it is time to permanently delete your account. I have been banned 3 times and recently I have had death threats and vile words sent to me by people I do not know that we’re not on my friends list which only contained 103 friends? Suckerberg is a Rockefeller nephew and a tool/puppet for the NOW psychos. Once the U.N. takes over Oct 1st it will be time to take to street preaching. I have had 2 dreams in this past month of just pitch darkness and the Lord’s voice saying be silent, cling to My Word. I really believe that soon we will see our Lord tearing the very fabric of His earth and the wheat and the Yates are being separated. May God have mercy on us all. Shannon B.

  2. I have had the same reactions from them, and since I am not that interested in the junk that appears on facebook, I will not be visiting the site much more. I’m sick of the nonsense.

  3. This is why I’ve never had nor never will have a facebook account. It’s just another clever CIA way of letting the sheeple build their own dossiers. If that sounds like a conspiracy theory, oh well . . .

  4. It is not just a theory, Linda. The conspiracy is full-blown and active as never before. The puppeteer, as we know is becoming panicky, knowing his time is short.

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