Hillary’s Fainting Tour

By now most of you have seen this video. But what you haven’t seen or heard are some of the more creative explanations of what’s been happening with this candidate–who, if elected, would be our country’s first president’s wife to have a president’s husband. If that’s not too confusing.

You’ve heard the “touch of pneumonia” put out by the Clinton campaign–a touch of pneumonia that’s apparently been going on for some years now. But here are some of the ones you haven’t heard.

She has been overcome by remorse for her many lies and other crimes. Oh, please. There’s no evidence this woman has a conscience.

Joe Collidge says, “she Is Pregganent so She can ‘Have’ a bortion becose She havent hadd a bortion befour.” This theory has the advantage of having been dreamed up by an intellectual.

Alex Jones slipped her a mickey. Those conspiracy talk show hosts will stop at nothing to do her a bad turn.

Someone just forgot to change her batteries. Some of us have long suspected that Clinton and other big shots aren’t human beings but robots, or maybe cyborgs.  If all they had to do was pop in some fresh batteries, that’d explain how she came to look so chipper just a few hours after the fainting episode.

So there you have ’em. Take your choice.

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