State DMV Goes Ballistic over ‘KUMQUAT’ License Plate

Kumquats–somebody’s idea of politically incorrect fruit

Further proof that government, at all levels, has too much of our money, can’t think of constructive uses for it, and needs to be cut back:

A woman in North Carolina with a vanity license plate that said KUMQUAT, as in the fruit, was warned by the state’s Motor Vehicle Dept. that they had received “complaints”–note the plural–“that the plate is offensive and in poor taste.” ( ) The driver was given 30 days to notify the state, in writing, “what the word ‘kumquat’ means to you,” and it had better be good or else we’ll revoke your license plate.

The state has a policy of threatening anyone whose plate is the object of a complaint, no matter how idle, frivolous, baseless, moronic, or unfounded the complaint may  be. “Policy” is bureaucrat-speak for “We check our brains at the door.”

In this case the state of North Carolina withdrew the threat when it was proved to them that “kumquat” really is just a fruit, and not a term of racist or homophobic or whatevuh abuse.

Actually, they do taste pretty bad.

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  1. I’ve decided to let my passport expire because i’d be too embarrassed to face the Europeans who must be laughing at us, thinking that all Americans are as stupid as our government.

    1. LOL. Yes, I’d also be embarrassed to be in the midst of them who are stupid enough to laugh at US. We saved their butts after WWII but not this time. They should be crying instead. But stupid is as stupid does. PS: Your bio is awesome.

    2. Thanks. I once told a radio interviewer–who I thought knew me well enough to know that I was pulling her leg–that I was a former Navy SEAL. Imagine my distress when she repeated that on the air. I had to explain that I’d only said that to puff up my biography.

    3. LOL – serves you right! I believe you were a newspaper editor and reporter and that you wrote novels and short stories – your talent is obvious in the way you write these stories on your website. But now I not only know that the rest of your bio may not be true, but that it doesn’t matter anyway. You’ve already filled your shoes.

    4. Well, yes, I was a newspaperman, back when that was still an honorable calling.

      I will try to keep porkies (Cockney slang for “lies”) out of my bio.

    5. “Try”? – LOL. I was going to ask you if you were a bit British because the tone of your first reply was very much like an Englishman’s reaction to a compliment. Wish I had – my discernment would have impressed you and I would have felt smarter. BTW, I love the British people and hope they maintain their fine culture despite the diversity perversity problem they face that is causing them confusion in their strong desire to be polite in the face of rudeness. Nevertheless, what’s not to like about a people who came against the EU and won! We Americans don’t even bother to challenge even our local bureaucrats when they arrest us for jaywalking! God bless the British people. I do not bless their government, however, nor any other porky government that does not represent its people. Those bleedin’ tyrants need our prayers.

    6. Okay. Me too. So, I now I can feel smarter for NOT asking you that question. No, i’m not trying to get in the last word, BUT, I just want to say that I too so like the way the Brits speak. They have a proper word for just about everything they need to get their point across – “most of the time.” I’m well enough educated and have a large enough vocabulary but oftentimes have trouble finding just the right word, especially one that does not have a double meaning. Our English is a wee bit like Hebrew in that way.

  2. Taxpayer dollar$ hard at work once again. Idiots! And, Lee, I actually like kumquats – but I like lemons too )

    1. On our first date, I took Patty to a posh Chinese restaurant whose owner was a friend of ours. We had a delicious meal, and then along came the kumquats. At my date’s urging–the things you do when you’re 27 and single!–I popped a kumquat into my mouth and bit down on it.

      And it tasted just like soap! Aaagh! I tried desperately to spit it out without making a scene, and it just kept rattling around in there. Patty said I turned beet-red and my mustache practically started spinning round and round. Finally I got rid of the damned thing.

      No more kumquats for this lad!

  3. Anything that makes you stand out can now be counted upon to cause trouble. Until recently, I had a license plate design that said “Live the Golden Rule”; a style of plate offered by the state. A while back I was questioned about just what that was supposed to mean by some stranger while I was pumping gas into my tank. I decided to that instead of having a license plate that reminds ME to be a nice guy, it might just be safer to have an anonymous, generic plate from now on. The “not so bright” are taking over at record pace.

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