‘He’s Not a Tame Lion’

A reader chided me (on another site) yesterday to “leave the sermonizing out of it” and stick to “newsworthy” stuff. Stop talkin’ about God and just give us the nooze!

Well, here’s some news for you, sunshine: God really is God, this whole shebang belongs to Him, we are truly provoking Him to anger, and when He gets mad, watch out.

God is not an adjunct to the news. People think He’s only to be found inside a church, where you can go and visit Him once a week, as if He were a patient in a nursing home. No, not so. Actually, He’s everywhere.

So you can’t leave Him out of it, and civilization can’t just go about its business as if there were no God. Because there is.

In C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, the children from our world are admonished, again and again, that Aslan the Great Lion, Lord of all Narnia–and for Aslan read “Jesus Christ,” the Lion of the Tribe of Judah–cannot be anticipated, manipulated, controlled, outsmarted, or, of all things, taken for granted. “He’s not a tame lion!”

No, He is not a tame lion. He will not go when we wish Him to go, nor will He stay away when we wish Him to stay away. He is not our bellhop at Hotel Earth!

He is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, ruler and origin of all Creation; and if you think the news, if you think that what’s happening in this world that He created, sustains, and owns has nothing to do with Him–

Well, think again.

4 comments on “‘He’s Not a Tame Lion’

  1. Tell that reader to leave HIS/HER sermonizing against God OUT of the news because there’d be NO nooze without God and what’s newsworthy today was written 730,000 days ago!

  2. The best thing to do with nitwits like that one is to ignore them. That is the one thing that stings them the most. They, in their own eyes, are SO important, their opinions so superior, that they do not wish to share their supposed importance even with God. Well, the Revelation says, “those prepared for destruction, to destruction they will go” We may try to persuade them, but for some, there is no way.

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