Student Nitwits Want Mandatory Attendance at ‘Social Justice Event’



As our great institutions of higher learning race to outdo each other in the pursuit of total idiocy, students at Bucknell University have pushed their school into the lead by demanding that student attendance at their “social justice event” be made mandatory ( ). That means you have to go or else.

The “event” this month was called “Conscience, Courage, and Community: Bucknell Responds to Injustice Today,” and for some inscrutable reason, they couldn’t fill the hall. “Three years we’ve been doing this, and the seats still aren’t filled,” bellyached a chowderhead.

Therefor require students to attend these yawn-fests.

Description of the event suggests a lot of impotent dullards whining about how distressed they are by news of violence from all over the world. So what do they propose to do about Third World dictators using their people for target practice? One “suggestion” was for Bucknell students to rise to the occasion by adopting “a general refusal to be privy to non-inclusive, misogynistic, and hateful language.” Wow. That’ll straighten ISIS out.

Dude! Like, I got an idea! Like, y’know, what’s more un-inclusive than, like, your name? Dig it! Every time you use your name, you’re, like, y’know, excluding everybody else in the whole world!

I just can’t imagine why they can’t fill the auditorium.

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  1. These brainwashed students are against hateful language but idolize celebrities whose speech is a non-stop spewing of profanity – it’s like the “F” word is their mantra for salvation.

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