Revolutionary People’s Socialism Really Works!

A Few Words for the Firing Squad | The Nation

Under President-for-Life Oscar Bugito Calabasa, the Democratic People’s Republic of El Pulco has embarked on a new program of “revolutionary social justice.”

RSJ is very simple! Every day, the regime randomly puts someone to death by firing squad. At the same time, another citizen, also chosen at random, is lavishly rewarded. Reasons for both the punishment and the reward are provided days later… or not at all.

“It keeps the little campesinos on their toes, no?” quipped the Supreme Leader. “I am also thinking of starting a contest called Guess the Reason. Everyone will be required to play! And if you can guess the reason why we executed someone on that day–hey! We promise not to kill you tomorrow!”

Meanwhile, the lavish rewards of the day feature such items as a loaf of bread no more than two weeks old, a pair of shoes with recently patched soles, a book of El Presidente’s Meditations on Life in Places Like Boston That I Never Been To, a plastic harmonica, or even a pair of wax lips. Wack-O-Wax Wax Lips 24-Count Box, Cherry Flavor

“Here in El Pulco,” said The Glorious Commander, “we take social justice very seriously! Two principles have guided me: One, Everyone is guilty of something! And two, You can’t overthrow a government that gives you free stuff! And as you can see, they really work!”

The Chicago teachers’ union recently honored Calabasa as its Role Model of the Year. “We’ve always told you socialism really, truly works! And all it takes is half a chance… and some firing squads!”

Be Wear ‘Of’ Oaled Aige!!!!!

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We herd a lexture “too-day” In Nothing Studdies that reely Skaired us!!!!! It “was” awl abote The Dizeeze “of” Oaled Aige!!!!!!

I useta thinck Oaled Aige it “was” cawzed By geting oalder but Nhow i knowe That’s Rong!!!! Noe!!! It is cawzed By Wyte Privlidge “and” Trans-Foabier!!!! and it is awl Wyte peples’ Fawlt and iff thare wazznt Noe Wyte poeple then thare woodnt Be noe Oaled Aige!!!!!!

Has yiu knotissed that Trans Peoeple thay nevver get Oaled???? Has you knowtissed that Minorites thay get Oaled wurst than Wyte peaple??? Our lexturer he sayed “Of coarse Minorites thay awlyaws get Shafftid and thare wazznt no Oaled Aige untill Wyte peoaeple thay Evolved fromb reely Bad “mungky”s!”!”

Becose “of” Thiss,, the ownly Thing “we” Can “Do” is throe awl Wyte poeaeple “in” Jale and taik awl thare Munny “and” thair Stuph and Re-diskribute It “to” Minorites!!!!! This it wood Be “reprayssions!”!”” This heer “it” “is” reel troo Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!! and then sumb Hater Biggit he sayed “Whel waht abuot Hillery? Wood yiu putt “her” In Jale and taik” awl her Stuph?”?”? Kneeless to say,, we beeted himb Up!!!!

That lexture it reely Bummbed me Out,, i thick i whil Eat somb jim sox nhow!!!

Art Fourjarie ‘For’ Socile Jutstus!!!!

Kids draw. Kids crayon drawing of sunny day house and man and car. |  CanStock And

Ya know waht?? Socile Jutstus it “cowsts” a Lot “of” monny!!! Yiu got to Ghet the Pro-testers to ware “The” Pro-test is!!!! That menes plains and tranes and bussses and Cars!! and aslo yiu Mite whant themb “To” staye in a Moe-tell iff “Its” coaled or raning!!!!

We has to raze Monny and aslo we whant to Hert Strate Wite Cappatullist Maile Opressers!!!!!!! And we jist fownded Out that yiu can reelly hert themb Whith Art Fourjarie!! That menes coppy-ing a famis wherk Of “art” and selling It “to” a Opressser foar Lots “of” Dollers!!!! And then layter thay fined Out thay ownly “got a” Coppy Ha-ha-Ha!!!! Boy woont “thay” feeel lyke idjits!!!

We hadded a spacial meting “of” The Stoodint Soviet to deside witch reel Expensiff Paynting we shood Forje!!! Affter lots “of” debait, we desided to forge The Sixteen Chapple!!!!! It is a very Famis Paynting by Mikle Jell-O it is in Roam oar somb-plaice,, we Can coppy it And sell “it!”!”!” Heer is waht It loocks lyke!

How the Sistine Chapel spawned a public relations nightmare |

As yiu can see fromb the pixture On Top “of” this heer Artycal, we has got Somb reely Grate Artissts at Our Collidge,, it wood Be “eezy” for themb to coppy that stopid Sixteen Chapple!!! Then all we got “to doo” Is sell It to somb Greeedy Cappatullist!!!!!

I amb stil Trying “to” fyned Out if we has to “Give” 10 persent % to The Big Gye Jobydin!@!!!!!!!!

I Amb reely Sick Nhow!!!!

Play Doh Man - Funny Animation - YouTube

I amb riting this heer Poast “fromb” the Collidge Infurmery becose i amb Still sick becose i must’of eated Too Mutch Play-Doh in facked our hole Stoodint Soviet wee “are” Awl Sick!!!!!

This it “Is” becose Of Racism,, somb Racist thay “put” somb Thing in “the” Play-Doah and nhow wen we do Numbber Twoo it is lyke A Rock!!!! and its In “alll” The Play-Doh cullers red and yalu and blue etc.,!! and it stil pheels lyke i has got a lode of Gravvle in my gutz!!!!! we wher Ownly triing “To” avoyd eeting meet and vejtubbles and somb Poor Gye his leggs thay fell Offf!!!! Butt “It Is” a Smawl Pryce to Paye for Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!

Thay taked my tempertchure Tooday and it “was” like Sevinty-One deegrees oar sombThing, sea i awlyays knowed i wood Get “a” Deegree! and my Moth Antenners thay “Are” spining al a-ruond And a-ruond lyke Crayzie!!!! Yiu arnt saposed To “get” Sick fromb eeting Play-Doh,, we must’of got Poysinned by a Biggit!!!! i bet crisschins done It,,, thay wher Mad At Us foar stoping Crismiss!!!

“The” Dockter she sayed i whil Get Beter but i Cant “eeat” no moar Play-Doh butt she doughnt know i has got A Hole Stash in “my prefessers” Toool Shedd so ha-ha-ha “on” Her!!!!!!

Somb Boddy thay sayed tooday it “Is” Noo Yeers butt that Cant “be” rihght becose Its ownly Jannyuery!!!

A Voat For Socile Jutstus!!!

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Our Stait neaded somb moar Voats for Joe Bydin so the Ballit Harvaster he comed heer “to” Collidge tooday whith a grate Big “bag” and he hadd us rite our Singratures “on” the ballits,, “as menny” as we Whanted untill “The” Bag it was full, i must’of wroted my “X” on a duzzin ballits and then he taked “themb” back to has themb “Counted”!”!

Then we “has” a Big Scair becose we wer All Tagetther on the Kampis and we wer So “Exited” that we fergot Socile Distintsing!!! And the Corny Vyris!!!!!!!! we are “all” goingto Dye!!! But then we Rebembermed that The Vyris it is all For Socile Jutstus and it woont “hurt” “yiu” iff yiu has a Riot,, so we hadded a Riot (i fourget waht we Riotid abuot, it duzznt mater!)!

I aslo did Voat for Hillery and Pressadint Obamma thay “are” My Hearos!!!!! it doughnt seeme Rihght “for thare” To Be ownly one pressadint!!!!!! But the Ballit Harvaster he tolled us “a lot Of things” “thay are goingto Chainge!””!! Somb boddy thay sayed we “are” all Goingto “get” Freee Tooission for Collidge tooo and that “is” Gooood Noose!!!!! I whant to keeep whirking “on” my Deeegree in Nothing Studdies untill i “get” my Batchlers thingy!!!!! And thenn I “can” be a Prefesser!!!!!!!!!!

The Messiah of the Climate Cult

Do Catholics Worship Idols? | Jesse Romero

I have this on solidly impeachable authority, so save your breath, don’t even try to say it isn’t true.

Secretly, the world’s globalists and Democrats have formed a clandestine cult for the worship of Mother Gaia, the Earth, and Mother Gaia’s Special Emissary, the Gaia Messiah–the COVID-19 Virus.

The messianic character of the Red Chinese Death & Doomsday Virus is attested to by the cult’s Major Prophets: Al Gore, Greta Thunberg, Bill Nye, and a large centipede named Posty. The Virus will slay everyone who a) denies Climate Change and b) fails to obey Mandates duly issued by globalists and liberals in power. No large gatherings of any kind may be held, with the sole exception of riots. The Virus will spare those who gather together for Social Justice, violence, and looting.

All Democrat governors and mayors are venerated as Saints.

Human sacrifice is practiced on a lavish scale. Saints and Prophets don’t have to sacrifice. They choose the people who do.

To join the cult, an individual must sacrifice every last vestige of personal integrity.

It is rumored to be the fastest-growing cult in the world.

‘The Myth of Social Justice’ (1988!)

US riots may cause new COVID-19 cases: expert - Global Times

They wouldn’t know what “justice” is if it came up and bit ’em in the glutes.

Wow! “Social Justice” goes all the way back to 1988! But of course it’s always been with us as an aspect of a fallen and deluded world, albeit under many different names.

James Sauer, writing for Chalcedon in 1988, hit the nail right on the head.

“The aim of social justice,” he declared, “is the establishment of the millenium–without God.” This has been true from the beginning, when the serpent said to Eve, “Ye shall be as gods.”

Now, 32 years later, America is convulsed with riots in her streets, all in the name of Social Justice. But as Mr. Sauer points out, the only relevant consideration, to Social Justice Warriors, is the utopian end: any means to get there are permissible.

It comes from Hell and it smells like brimstone.

‘Social Justice’ Demolished

Social Justice' is Overrunning the University of Texas — The James ...

We’re gonna need a bigger garbage truck.

Watch how easily, quickly, and simply Polish thinker Janusz Korwin-Mikke, three years ago, demolished the whole idea of “social justice.”

Polish Thinker Kayos ‘Social Justice’

Pity the poor fantasy writer these days, who has to compete with such towering flights of delusion as social justice, man-made Climate Change, fifty genders, and systemic racism. The stuff that we make up is nothing compared to this.

Only our fantasies aren’t used as the basic for absurd public policies that ruin the nations that indulge in them.

We has to Snich On peple!!!

Snitches Anonymous Vol. 1: Mission 1 - Comics by comiXology

A lott “of” us we “are” Still heer At collidge becose Our Famblies thay dont “whant” us to come hoam!! i tryed to go hoam yeasterday and gess wat!?! My Fambly thay mooved!!!!!! “and” thay didnt telll Noboddy ware thay mooved “to” neether so i dont know “ware” thay livve nhow!! “and” this Gye he was livving “in” My Howce he got Mad and toled His Dog to byte me!!!! i was Luckie “to” Get Aweiagh!!!

This moarning we hadded a meating “of” the Stoodint Soviet and we desided to Pay munny “foar” tellling on Anny Boddy witch is vylating Socile Distincing or trying “to” By Stuff at a stoar!!! Iff yiu sea ennyboddy doing stuff and yiu “caul” The Poleece and thay Get a rested,, the Stoodint Soviet we whil Pay yiu eleventy-five Scents!!!!

Sea,, our Fackilty Avisor he toled us “”The escents of Good Citasin-Ship it is to Snich on anny boddy whoo does “stuff what” thay shoodnt!”” That whay evry boddy thay wil Be Hayve or else!!!! “It is OKay to maike” up things he sayed “beecawse That “reely” keeeps evry boddy On thare Tows!!!”! It is awl “To Billd Up ‘the’ Artharitty of The Stayte!”!” In facked we will Pay yiu X-tra munny iff yore Snich it is Not Tru and sumb boddy thay get A Rested annywhay!!!

So i has lurned That peeple thay “jist” dont know haow To “be” Good, that is Becawse thay whach Fox Nooze,, butt a Guvvermint that has got Supream Paower it “can” maik themb Be Good weather thay Like “it” Oar Nott!!!!

And that my frends It is Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!!

“Watch ‘Roots’ or I’ll Kill You”

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Some weirdo in Iowa kidnapped a woman and threatened to kill her–and then spread her body parts “all over the highway”–unless she sat still and watched Roots… “so she could better understand her racism” (

It could’ve been worse. It could’ve been The Hand Made’s Tail.

Well, gee, wasn’t that nice of him? But he was only doing what most of our colleges and looniversities do to students deemed in need of an attitude adjustment–minus that bit about killing and dismembering.

This takes Social Justice to a new height indeed.

Anyway, the kook was arrested and charged with various crimes. Talk about sadism: that miniseries is nine hours long! And it’s all racial scab-picking, start to finish.

Maybe the next Democrat president will force us all to watch it, on pain of death.