Comment Contest Winner!

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Calloo, callay, O frabjous day–we have a comment contest winner!

Marlene, you posted Comment No. 9,000 this morning, so you have won an autographed copy of one of my books, whichever one you please.

I need to know your full name and mailing address. You can email that to me at , or else post it in a comment which I’ll delete after I copy down the information.

Sorry I couldn’t manage awarding you the country of your choice to be the absolute ruler of. Maybe next time. Meanwhile, congratulations–and don’t stop posting comments!

11 comments on “Comment Contest Winner!

  1. Congratulations, Marlene! and Amen! Enjoy! I’ve read all 8 and am impatiently awaiting the publishing of #9 🙂

    1. Thank you Linda Sorci. If Mr. Duigan’s book is anything like his articles, witty, intelligent, and extremely clever, I suspect I might just want to read the rest of them – especially in light of all the positives reviews they received. Unless he omitted the negative ones – lol, just kidding. Really.

    2. I have a heck of an imagination; probably like yours. But I still expect to be overwhelmed. Thanks. I’ll be ordering No 3 next week.

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