‘Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead?’

I’m tempted to make this a contest: whoever submits the best answer wins a free book.

Hillary Clinton wants to know why she isn’t being handed the White House on a silver platter. She seems genuinely puzzled as to why America isn’t kissing her feet and begging her to be their empress.

You may think this is too easy, this is just shooting fish in a barrel: but in the multiplicity of answers, it’d be easy to overlook a good one.

So come, on folks–explain to Hillary why she isn’t 50 points ahead.

And remember, everybody: if you don’t vote for Trump, you are helping this woman to become president. And you become her accomplice.

14 comments on “‘Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead?’

  1. She has more reporters than supporters. Sorry, hillary, there aren’t 50 more. And don’t them to pull your lever like you’ve been pulling theirs.

  2. Don’t worry hillary – you’ve still got 50 points – BEHIND you. They just don’t have your back – because they don’t want you back.

  3. Fifty points ahead? Of all the dopey questions I have ever heard! I am amazed that one such as she is even in the race. It speaks to the low point in our history, the lack of true patriotism, the moral sewer, the ignorance, the “diversity and homogenation” of a once great nation. I have no problem with a woman in leadership, per se, but one with such low and wicked aspirations as this one? Surely, if we look around the nation, there must be a female who is more morally upright and wise. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…” Proverbs 1:7. goes on to say, but fools despise truth and training. (paraphrase) Simply because one has clawed themselves to a high position on earth, does not qualify them to rule. All else being equal, I admit I prefer male leadership in such a demanding office, but I also have no problem with female leadership, necessarily. There are examples of strong female leaders, and many, many examples of weak, corrupt male leadership. No, Ms. Hillary, it is not sexual bigotry, it is you and your corruption, your weakness, failures (which are many) and your misplaced pride and selfishness, narcississm. Everything about you is distasteful and disgusting- you might say deplorable in extremis.

  4. So she can’t find enough people willing to take her dirty money to give her the 50 points she wants. Girl, you need more than 50 points because so far, you haven’t made ANY points with 80% of the people. You don’t always get what you pay for.

  5. Because she thinks she’s above the law. Because she’s as genuine as pleather and as honest as a rattlesnake. Because she pretends to be for ‘the poor’ and yet wears suits that cost thousands of dollars. Because she ignored the ambassador in Benghazi. Need we go on, Hillary dear?

  6. That’s a question she should be asking her father, the devil, ’cause the works of her father she will do.

  7. I think that’s because the people are disappointed in the Democrat presidents, like Bill Clinton and Obama. That is also why I think Trump will win the election. If the populace are really smart, they’d consider her lying history.

  8. Hillary is behind because she annoys ordinary Americans. The phrase ‘Why aren’t I…’, though commonly used, makes me cringe!

  9. To me, this seems to indicate that she actually believes that she is 100%, absolutely right and that everyone should agree, or at the very least there should be a 75/25 split between her and her opponent. This tells me that she has nothing but contempt for the opinions of others. Even landslides, such as Regan in 1984, don’t reach that level. That election was 58.8/40.6 according to Wikipedia and was one of the biggest landslides ever.

    I have little choice but to conclude that she is completely out of touch with how the world works. It took me a while, but somewhere in my 20s, I realized that there are a raft of opinions among my fellow humans and what may seem to be an immutable fact to my way of thinking could be seen quite differently by others.

    Even more important than that realization is the fact that it’s alright for others to hold different opinions. People have different backgrounds, priorities and experiences from one another. My mother, having lived through the Great Depression admired Franklin Roosevelt, while I, having come of age during the stagflation of the ’70s, admired Ronald Reagan. If that wasn’t bizarre enough, Reagan admire Rooseveldt and modeled his presidency thereafter. Three different people, my mother, myself and Ronald Reagan, and it turns out that my favorite president admired a president I personally find very difficult to admire. Who’s right and who’s wrong in that Gordian Knot?

    So, while I certainly believe that there are immutable truths, such as the principles found in the bible, I must concede that there are vast differences in opinions among people, even when they agree on the principles found in the bible; which I suspect would be the case regarding my mother, myself and Mr. Reagan.

    This is why a free and open society can be so prosperous. If the members of a society live by solid moral principles they are free to disagree with one another regarding many things. Unfortunately, because so many people of The Establishment, as it exists in 2016, are not living by a higher set of principles they can’t comprehend that anyone could disagree with them and still hold a valid viewpoint. When a person believes that they have a monopoly on truth they are at risk of either becoming a tyrant or being taken in by the rhetoric of tyrants. Even our Creator, allows room for free will among the human race. As long as we stay within the guidelines of His principles we are free to make our own choices and to learn from experience.

    Somehow, I doubt that Hillary or her ilk understand this and I’m not inclined to hold my breath until they arrive at such an understanding.

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