Memory Lane: Miller Dinosaurs

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Remember these? They’re some of the glorious wax dinosaurs produced in the 1950s by the Miller Company.

These have always been among my all-time favorite toys. Dinosaurs and long-lost giant mammals have always fascinated me, and I think these Miller toys from my childhood had a lot to do with that.

Amazingly, I still have a couple of them–a large Stegosaurs (left, in the picture) and a small one. It’s amazing because these toys were incredibly fragile. The sabertooth tiger’s tail, the Triceratops’ horns, the mammoth’s tusks–these would break off if you just looked at them too hard. The Brontosaur’s head had a penchant for snapping off, but you could always tape it back on with black electrical tape–and in any position you wanted, too.

Miller also produced wonderful Space Aliens, which I’ll visit some other time: I liked those, too.

Dinosaurs and mammoths and the like are not here anymore. All I know is that the God who created them pronounced them good and has the whole universe at His disposal.

Maybe someday He’ll show us where He’s put them. These are among the most radically cool examples of all God’s stuff, and I’d just love to see them.

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  1. I don’t remember these particular dinosaur models but my favorite was the stegosaurus. I had a model to be put together with glue. Dad helped me lots to get all the “bones” in the proper places. Even with all that, a couple extra bones were lying in the box! Oh well. I now make dinosaurs out of origami paper and will be giving them to my grandsons. I enjoy reading about the latest finds and all the speculations as to what happened to them. You’re right, Lee. Dinosaurs are radically cool examples of the creative Hand of our Heavenly Father. I bet He had a blast creating them!

  2. When “the lion will lie down with the lamb” days come, will these dinos come back? I’d sure like to ride atop one.

    1. Oh, i’m really excited to read them ALL now. No 3 will be my next one, first order. Thanks.

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