We Don’t Want It Anymore!

Let me say this to the nooze media, the political establishment, the academics, and the whoopee crowd. This is what this year’s election is all about.

We don’t want your kind of government anymore.

We don’t want you consuming our wealth and wasting our labor, all the while inventing new ways to gum up our lives. We don’t want you swanning around Davos with the Open Borders gang, gleefully planning to swamp the electorate in a flood of illegal immigrants to feed your fetish for “diversity” as an end in itself. And incidentally to keep yourselves in power for as long as the earth revolves around the sun.

We don’t want you catering to special interest groups at our expense, writing us off as flyover country while you use the courts to redefine marriage and the family.  It has to stop, and stop now.

And we’re sick of you prating about Saving the Planet from our air conditioners while you zoom from one of your mansions to another in your private jets.

This election is about getting you off our backs, out of our hair, and out of our paychecks.


5 comments on “We Don’t Want It Anymore!

  1. …but what are the options? How many times must a people subject to the “lesser evil?” Electing members to Congress is where the shake off is much needed.

    1. Then folks have some work to do. Research your candidates and their policies and vote. If you do not vote, what you much do not like will be in Congress and the White House affectinh not only USA but the world.

    2. The problem is not people not voting; it’s people voting in ignorance, wickedness, and sloth–for candidates who are notable for possessing those defects.

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