Can Sheer Idiocy Stop a Hurricane?

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You don’t need a clown costume to be a clown.

An NBC noozie has actually said it: the proposed Paris climate change treaty, so dear to the heart of every statist blockhead in America… is “designed to stop” hurricanes–especially the big, bad nasty ones like Matthew (

Do they surgically remove your brain before they let you be a TV nooze reporter?

Satirists have been putting words like this into the Global Warming alarmists’ mouths for years, but now we don’t have to do it anymore: the twaddle is coming out 100% pure.

Yup, Big Government can now stop hurricanes. Probably by taking away your refrigerator and breaking your back with brand-new taxes. No wonder Our Cherished President is so hot to trot for this U.N. climate deal.

Do you really need to hear any more than this, to convince you that the Climate Change mob is totally out to lunch?

6 comments on “Can Sheer Idiocy Stop a Hurricane?

  1. Satirists or Satanists? 🙂

    I’m wit’ you Lee. This entire subject would have to sober up just to be asinine. The number of hurricanes is actually a bit below average these days.

    Here’s the deal; once you quit worshipping God you will worship anything that captures your fancy. Reality TV stars, junk-science pros and their publicity people, politicians, or entertainers. This is about belief systems and worship, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. The level of ignorance is astounding. 25 years ago, when Freon was the culprit du jour, I recall people talking as if Freon was a deadly substance, like uranium. It was actually a lot like bleach and the vapor much heavier than air. But people were scared and we had a new coolant foisted upon us; one that was patentable. Of course it doesn’t work as well as R-12, but there’s gold in them thar eco lies.

  3. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released it latest findings. They claim the Atlantic Ocean is much cooler this year which portends fewer and less severe hurricanes this season. Global Warming where are you? But then, Boston has had the hottest first week of August on record so I guess that seals the deal – scientific consensus has been confirmed.

    1. Yeah, it’s hot here in the summer, too–if only we had given fantastic new powers to the government, and lots and lots more money! Live and learn.

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