Creepy Clowns Ramping It Up

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Is this starting to get serious, or what?

Yesterday a nut in a clown costume, armed with a knife, chased a teenage boy out of a New York City subway station ( . The fact that the clown didn’t catch the boy has not allayed the fears of the NYPD, who are looking to catch this…er, clown and charge him with a crime.

And a Connecticut school district has banned clown costumes for Halloween.

More and more of these incidents are cropping up nationwide. It’s not quite as harmless a fad as hula hoops or pet rocks–it’s really scaring people.

But let’s put things in perspective: the persons currently running our country are a lot scarier than creepy clowns.

4 comments on “Creepy Clowns Ramping It Up

  1. Maybe these clowns are paid by the Soros/Killery Satan pack. It has a Killer severance package…wink wink. In all seriousness this is sad that we as a Nation have fallen and so many are blinded to the Truths of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. All I can say is that the fringe-case nut jobs are starting to make more sense every day; in contrast to the mainstream media and all the supposedly trustworthy people that have gone straight down the tubes with regard to credibility.

    1. To elaborate: The media is feeding this stupid fad with an abundant diet of its richest publicity. Like recessions (which they talk themselves into before our eyes), belief in asinine theories, etc, they are convincing themselves of something.

      There is no cabal of creepy clowns. There is a fad, nourished by an ever eager media, and this is encouraging copycat behavior. Mass media fed the stock bubble of the ’20s and the Great Depression that followed. There was no relief until war in Europe distracted everyone from their economic navel-gazing. When the media shifted gears the economy followed. Sadly, it took a horrific war before this happened.

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