Memory Lane: Cheap Junk You Could Order through Comic Books

Ah! The treasures to be found in comic books! At least they looked like treasures, if you were ten years old in 1959.

This video shows you what some of those things turned out to be when you finally got them. So if you ever wondered if that “Learn to throw your voice!” trick really worked, here’s your chance to find out.

It reminds me of the “Authentic Davy Crockett Log Cabin!” that I badgered my folks into sending away for. You can to collect labels from a certain brain of maple syrup–which entailed buying a lot of syrup, because my brother had to have an Authentic Davy Crockett Log Cabin too.

Imagine our emotional devestation when the Authentic Davy Crockett Log Cabin turned out to be a crummy little cardboard box that looked like a crummy little cardboard box. Even a cardboard Davy Crockett wouldn’t be caught dead in there.

Oh, well, we’ve all grown up, we’re more sophisticated now. So now instead of an Authentic Davy Crockett Log Cabin made out of genuine cardboard, they pitch us Climate Change instead.

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  1. The comic strip FoxTrot had a great send up of the X-ray glasses. The youngest child Jason, got a pair and followed his 14 year old sister around, commenting on her choice of undergarments. Finally, the sister, annoyed to distraction, complained to her mother.

    Jason’s friend asks if the X-ray glasses actually work and he responds; “perfectly!” I learned a major life lesson that day. 🙂

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