Hello? Columbus?

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I haven’t seen any mention that today is Columbus Day. I guess that’s because we’re all supposed to be ashamed of it now.

A nation that detests its own history is in serious trouble.

Well, okay, we could’ve all stayed in Europe and enjoyed the religious wars, the pogroms, etc.

But by God’s sovereign providence, Columbus with three ships crossed the Atlantic Ocean and changed the world. Without that, there would be no United States of America. And if that’s something that you view as a calamity… well, no one is keeping you here against your will.

I thank God for the discovery of America and the founding of my country.

So there.

5 comments on “Hello? Columbus?

  1. I’m with you. I have always loved my country, and still do, but these days
    I mourn for her very much.

  2. Agreed! I’d take the detractors more seriously if all of the banks, schools, and government offices didn’t still take advantage of the holiday and close. I think you should only get the day off if you’re willing to celebrate it, right?

  3. Just think, if the Europeans did not come here the natives would still be stealing each others land, practicing slavery, human sacrifices,and warring with one another. How dare we stop such things.

  4. To Watchman : How’s about God destroying america in 1 hour ?
    Like he has planned as in Woe woe Babylon has fallen ?

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