‘King Alfred’s War Song’ (Do Not Despair!)

I’m hearing a lot of despair out there. It’s not hard to understand why people should be feeling that there’s no hope left, America’s goose is cooked, etc.

Back in the 800s, the isle of Britain was invaded by pagan Danes in vast numbers. King Alfred was driven off his throne, had to go into hiding in the swamps. Where was hope then?

Well, that’s when he wrote this “war song,” which is actually a hymn. These past few days, I’ve had the chorus in my head: “For the Lord is our defense, Jesus defend us.”

Alfred put his trust in the Lord, and the Lord overcame his enemies. Alfred came out of the swamps and fought, and the Lord fought for him.

The Lord has not changed since Alfred’s time; nor has He decided that the wicked shall inherit the earth.

2 comments on “‘King Alfred’s War Song’ (Do Not Despair!)

  1. Thank you. We needed this. However, the more I think about things, the more I believe that God has raised Trump like He raised Cyrus. I also believe God isn’t finished with us – yet.

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