‘King Alfred’s War Song’

I thought it might be nice to see the lyrics of this ancient hymn. Did King Alfred the Great really write it? We can’t say for sure; but certainly he could have. I also can’t say who, exactly, produced this video. But you won’t get a version that’s easier to sing along with.

We need heroes like King Alfred. May the Lord our God provide them.

‘King Alfred’s War Song’

I fell back to sleep, it’s late, there’s hardly anybody here at all–oh, I don’t know.

King Alfred’s War Song–“For the Lord is our defense, Jesu defend us.” Amen. The heathen must’ve thought they had England in the palm of their hand, all they had to do was finish off Alfred.

It would not be the last time they were wrong.

This is Starting to Scare Me

Two stories I’ve covered in the last two days have left me with a deeply uneasy feeling.

Yesterday, we had the Texas jury ordering a father to allow his wife to “transition” his 7-year-old son into a simulacrum of a girl, by means of puberty-blocking drugs and female hormones (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-jury-rules-against-dad-trying-to-save-his-7-year-old-from-gender-transition). And today, it’s a British court ruling that the Bible is “incompatible with human dignity” and condemning “lack of belief in transgenderism and conscientious objection to transgenderism” (https://leeduigon.com/2019/10/23/uk-court-finds-bible-incompatible-with-human-dignity/).

The father in Texas has been ordered to “affirm” that his son is a “girl.” In both cases we have a court dictating to someone what he must say and what he must believe.

Free speech, anyone? “You’ll say what we tell you to say, or else.” Free exercise of religion? “You will believe what we tell you to believe: and you will not believe what we forbid you to believe.”

And I can’t stop thinking, “What next? What are they going to demand of us next?”

I don’t know. It’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. No, it’s worse than that, because the wearer of those shoes seems to be a centipede, with lots and lots of shoes to drop.

The whole power class of the Western world–left-wing politicians, left-wing judges and juries, all the big banks, Hollywood, the nooze media, the colleges and looniversities, the public schools–has gone totally gaga for “transgender.” I don’t know why. What are we supposed to get out of this?

It’s a delusion, it’s a lie, it’s psychosis on a scale the world has never seen before. And it’s profoundly evil–a full-scale revolt against God and His created order, from which we might contract a spiritual pollution.

Where are they going to stop? Will we all be required to “affirm” this lunacy? Will they shut down our churches–don’t laugh: Beto the presidential candidate has already called for this–unless the churches “affirm” sexual confusion and depravity?

We think our Constitution will protect us. Well, Magna Carta doesn’t seem to be protecting anyone in England. Documents of law have no force at all when those who are charged with executing the law simply choose to ignore it.

Psalm 11 asks, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The answer is, “Not much.” But the psalm tells us that there is very much the Lord Himself can do.

Because we have free will, evil empires rise: men and women build them, so that they might prey on others. Because the earth is the Lord’s, no evil empire has ever escaped His judgment. History is heaped high with their wreckage.

The Lord is our defense. Pray harder, sing louder, and proclaim the truth.

And Jesu defend us.

A Belt of Courage: ‘King Alfred’s War Song’

We think we’ve got troubles? King Alfred, twelve hundred years ago–he had troubles! Heathen poured across the sea and swamped his kingdom, they’d have killed him if they’d caught him, he had to hide out in a peasant’s shack in the middle of a swamp…

And he wrote this: King Alfred’s War Song. “For the Lord is our defense, Jesu defend us!” I don’t know about you, but I need a belt of that just now.

Psalm 127: “My hope is in the LORD, which made heaven and earth.”

Someday the heathen will either be converted or destroyed. By their own hand, most likely.

Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. (Ephesians 6)

Again! ‘King Alfred’s War Song’

I thought we could use another belt of this today.

Around the year 800, Christian England was overrun by pagans, most of them from Denmark. It was the Viking Age. They came for loot and plunder, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.

By the providence of God, Alfred, King of Wessex, overcame many defeats–one of which left him a hunted fugitive in his own land–and finally won the war. The Christians won not only peace and security: the invaders converted, settled down, and became part of the population.

We seem to be entering such a time of trial in our own day. The difference is that our heathen are home-grown, turned against us by our schools and colleges. They hate their own country and want to subject it to a “fundamental transformation”–into what, God only knows.

Defeat them and convert them. Trust in the Lord and hang tough. And, like Alfred, never give up.

The Lord Is Our Defense

I couldn’t decide what I most wanted in a hymn this morning: to invoke the Lord’s might in our defense, or to proclaim His glory and His right to rule. So I’m going to do both.

King Alfred’s War Song says what needs to be declared: For the Lord is our defense–Jesu defend us! That will do for a prayer.

The Lord Is Our Defense

Tradition has it that King Alfred the Great wrote the words to this song. Against overwhelming odds, and practically at the brink of extinction, King Alfred beat back the invasion of the pagan Danes and, for all practical purposes, founded the nation that would be known as England. And by God’s sovereign grace, within a single generation or two, the pagan invaders who stayed were Christians, too.

But if the Lord is for us, then who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

Soul Food: ‘King Alfred’s War Song’

I feel the need for the spiritual nourishment that this hymn provides. If it really was written by King Alfred the Great, it comes to us from a time when it must have seemed, to many, that the light of Christianity was going to be snuffed out by violent paganism in an overwhelming host of enemies.

It wasn’t! For how can Almighty God ever be defeated?

Not then, not now, not ever…

‘King Alfred’s War Song’ (Do Not Despair!)

I’m hearing a lot of despair out there. It’s not hard to understand why people should be feeling that there’s no hope left, America’s goose is cooked, etc.

Back in the 800s, the isle of Britain was invaded by pagan Danes in vast numbers. King Alfred was driven off his throne, had to go into hiding in the swamps. Where was hope then?

Well, that’s when he wrote this “war song,” which is actually a hymn. These past few days, I’ve had the chorus in my head: “For the Lord is our defense, Jesus defend us.”

Alfred put his trust in the Lord, and the Lord overcame his enemies. Alfred came out of the swamps and fought, and the Lord fought for him.

The Lord has not changed since Alfred’s time; nor has He decided that the wicked shall inherit the earth.

‘King Alfred’s War Song’

King Alfred the Great (849-899 A.D.), the Christian king who defended England from the invading Danish pagans, reputedly wrote the words to this battle hymn. Waffy-doffy churches won’t like it: “F0r the Lord is out defense…”

But if the Lord is not our defense, then we have no defense that will avail us anything. This great warrior was great enough to know that.

Andy Kenway has a wonderful version of this anthem. I couldn’t find video for it, but you can listen here, https://soundcloud.com/andy-kenway/king-alfreds-war-song