Official Stats: College Students Going Bonkers

Please pardon the technical language of the headline. By whatever name you might call it, college students nationwide are overtaxing the resources of their colleges’ “mental health centers,” pouring into them in record numbers ( ).

We’re talking big-time cuckoo here. Ohio State University reports a 43% increase, in five years; University of Central Florida, up 12% a year for the past decade; and University of Michigan, up 36% in the past seven years.

The most common problems seem to be anxiety, dread, fearfulness, and a general heavy fluster over… well, nothing. They can’t take tests. They can’t endure any kind of criticism. Any opposition to their desires sends them into terminal fumfering. We might well say they’re all messed up.

And gee willikers, who woulda thought it? Eh? Could it maybe, possibly, somehow be that self-esteem preaching, perpetual insulating from stress or failure, helicopter parenting, “good job!”, and handing out trophies just for showing up… that all of that did sort of an inadequate job of preparing these tender little hothouse flowers for anything approaching real life?

Hot dog! Better living through Godlessness! Works every time, don’t it?

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  1. The sins of the parents…. Wait for the generation of children from today’s college students – they will surely highlight God’s prophecy that “…children against parents, mother against daughter…” etc. So these kids have it bad now, but rendering them useless will surely produce a next generation of kids in even worse shape. Thank God I was born when we had prayers every morning in the Assembly every day in grade school. It helped me keep my head when all those around me were losing theirs and blaming it on me, during my college years. But graduate school was a nightmare. Nevertheless, I managed to re-educate my son at home and to fight many battles on his behalf because his school was teaching evolution and Islam, prayer had been removed, and only the teachers were bullies. One of my 3 grandchildren argues vehemently for socialism – I lost that battle. For great grandchildren, I can only pray.

    1. I’m afraid most of us emerged from college with some rather goofy ideas, and congratulated ourselves for being so much smarter than our parents. Happily, many of us outgrew our college experience. The people wrecking the country today are the ones who didn’t outgrow it.

    2. “…congratulated ourselves for being so much smarter than our parents.” Ha – My mother would occasionally tell me that I didn’t have “common sense.” So I spent more time with my grandmother who had more common sense than my mother.

    1. How about cats? They’re regal, stately, stealthy, crafty, fun, aloof, friendly, to name a few outstanding characteristics – and they can contort into many positions (a handy quality for any politician) .

      I know I’ve requested this hymn before, Lee, but I do find it very uplifting: “Up From The Grave He Arose”

  2. These kids have known nothing but gloom and doom. Apocalyptic environmentalists have them scared to sneeze, lest they push the planet over the tipping point. The intellectual elite are working feverishly to bring about another dark ages.

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