We are Not Crazy Hear In Collidge!!

I abject sternusely to That stopid lee sayin Collidge stodents Thay “are” going batts in reckered Nummbers! he “is” onely Sayin that “becose” he Is Not (!!!) a Intellectural like my self and evryboddy else who goin “to” collidge And he is jellice!!!

yes i Know some inderviddurals thay “in” tharapy but That dont meen thay goin Crazy, in Fact it “is” jist lyke Bringin In yore Car four a Tune Up! That dont “meen” yore car Is crazy!!

see What yiu can doo whith jist a little Loggic? if a car Is Sane than So “is” a collidge stodent!!! and yiu “can” Quuote me on that!!!

Yiu mihghjt as wel Not “arglue” whith Us Interllecturals becose “wee” mutch Smarter than yiu “and” Yiu Wil nevver beet a Interllectural! and Anyhow Tharapy is jist Reckriation four Us and “it” dont meen wee Has gonne even A litle bit looopy. Ordrinary dum peple thay go fishin Or play Cards “butt” us Interllecturals we doo Tharapy. Playin Cards it onely make yiu stopid.

i wuld Say morre butt Now “my” Moth Antenners thay Are iching jist tarrible so i got “to” go Find some Salve or sumthing.

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  1. Wow, Joe, you’re especially incoherent today. Has the debate gotten your antennae in a tangle? Maybe you should go have a nice silk tie for a snack and then lie down in a cool, dark place. That might help (a little).

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