Experiment: Please Share This Psychic Cat Video on Facebook

How many humans have walked away with empty wallets after playing the old shell game? But this man is lucky his cat doesn’t have a wallet. Be amazed as the cat beats the odds!

And then, if you will, please help me carry out an experiment by which I hope to discover why I’m suddenly not getting any Facebook referrals at all. Please share this video on Facebook, and as the day goes by, I’ll see if it’s bringing any views to this blog.

I really have virtually no understanding of how social media is supposed to work, so I can only sort of muddle along.

3 comments on “Experiment: Please Share This Psychic Cat Video on Facebook

  1. LOL – I never expected the cat’s last response. BTW, I can’t get on facebook today, but I sent emails to some friends. They’re at work now, but I expect to hear a response later in the day.

    I do NOT read AOL News articles, but opened an article, just to read the title of lies (and to post a comment) that hillary is winning by 11 points according to NBC polls, of democrats of course. I read the title then immediately scrolled down to leave a comment “LIAR!”, which for the first time in history, was “waiting for approval.” Reading the comments on this leftist page, one finds the foulest language and most disgusting comments about Trump. Anyway, as I scrolled down the comments to click “like” and “dislike”, they were changed right in front of my eyes to “like” for pro-hillary and “dislike” for pro-Trump. The media and social media have apparently ratcheted up their rigged game of chance.

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