Is This How You Want Your Country to be Run?

This video is 16 minutes long, but I urge you to watch it. There’s a lot of profanity in it, but that can’t be helped. The information is important.

Project Veritas has here interviewed a number of Democrat operatives who admit to, and brag about, purposely fomenting violence at Trump rallies, hiring and training people to start fights, illegally coordinating their efforts with the Clinton campaign, and practicing lawlessness on a scale that I, frankly, never imagined.

It may seem rather odd that these people didn’t mind answering questions and discussing their activities in front of a camera. But I guess my friend John the homicide detective is right when he says criminals just can’t help blabbing about what they do, and that’s how most of them get caught.

This is the side of the Clinton campaign that our corrupt and uninformative nooze media refuse to cover–and, indeed, go to whatever lengths necessary to conceal it.

Shall these persons be rewarded with the White House? And if they are, what more will they do, once they have it?

Please don’t let them get it.

P.S.–There’s more, Parts 2 and 3, on youtube–for the time being.

7 comments on “Is This How You Want Your Country to be Run?

  1. When I click on the video link I get the following message:

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  2. I saw the videos – there are 2 of them. I’m bringing a camera to the polling place and into the voting booth.

    1. I’m bringing a camera to the polling place and into the voting booth. My state, as well as NJ, are on soros’ list of 16 states in which he owns and controls the voting machines. He also controls their internet voting through his SmartMatic company which is being used in 370 cities. We need to call the election for Trump TODAY! Even if hillary doesn’t make it to the finish line, there’s another criminal waiting to take her place. The machines are already rigged to switch Trump votes to anybody but Trump.

    2. Exactly. Smart meters, smart TV’s, smart appliances; smart is the new dumb because they really believe they are fooling us. How dumb is that! “Good for evil, evil for good” – are we there yet or is this just the beginning of the end because i’m getting tired of satan’s presence.

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