Why Are Liberals Not Happy?

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Well, okay, sure–liberals are never happy, anyhow. But lately they seem even more angry and embittered than usual, and I don’t know why.

For the past eight years they’ve had nothing to do but check off items on their wish list. They’ve been getting everything they want. Obamacare, the first giant step toward their beloved socialized medicine. Homosexual pseudomarriage, one of the holy grails of Western liberalism: and not only that, but whole new government bureaucracies that smash and destroy anyone who dares refuse to “celebrate” a “gay wedding.”

They’ve come very near mainstreaming transgenderism, to the point where a “president” orders the girl’s bathrooms opened to grown men and all the big-time sports leagues, and many giant corporations, hop right on board the tranny bandwagon.

And on top of all that, they’ve got the Soros-funded thugs from Black Lives Matter hobnobbing with Democrat big shots and being feted at the White House, they’ve got voter fraud galore, immigration laws pitched into the waste-basket, and some of the most corrupt individuals in human history running the country into the ground.

So why aren’t liberals happy? I mean, if they’re this sour when they’re getting every cotton-pickin’ thing they want, what’ll they be like if they ever stop getting everything they want?

They may deny it, may even deny it strenuously–but the problem with liberals is that they want to be God. They want the rest of us to think of them as on a par with God–certainly as all-wise, all-good, and able to do all things.

They will never get enough. Their cup will never be filled. Their cup never runneth over because it has no bottom to it.

4 comments on “Why Are Liberals Not Happy?

  1. Liberals think they were born that way. “Everybody wants to rule the world.” Funny thing about liberals and athiests; they spend a lot of time, effort and resources denying the God they say doesn’t exist, yet still want to be Him.

  2. Wait until they get everything they say they want. They will be much less happy at that point. They are the pottery reviling the Potter for formimg them in His image.

  3. I’m sure it has something to do with their nihilistic worldview. It’s hard to be happy when you believe there is no point to life.

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