‘John Kasich: Theology Superstar’ (2015)

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Doubtless pondering another thorny problem of theology

Among Democrats who like to call themselves Republicans, there was no greater light in 2015 than John Kasich, the RINO from Ohio.

And he succeeded where everyone else has failed for thousands of years!

John Kasich: Theology Superstar

How do you get everybody into Heaven?

You get the government to do it!

If your tax money has gone to any government agency or program that has, uh, “helped” anyone… well, you’re in! They can’t keep you out of heaven.

And to think we had to rely on Jesus Christ!

‘Why Are Liberals Not Happy?’ (2016)

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The funny thing about this is, I wrote it less than a month before the 2016 elections. *Batteries Not Included was still; president of a country he hates and wants to “transform,” and all the nooze media and all the polls told us Hillary Clinton had a better than 90% chance to be our next president.

And yet the libs weren’t happy!

Why Are Liberals Not Happy?

Hoom-hom… Well, we saw how unhappy they were after that election!

Now they’ve stolen the country right out from under us, and they’re still miserable. There’s just no pleasing them.

And we’d be insane to try.

‘The Day of the Pimp’ (2015)

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I can’t bring myself, this morning, to post any illustration that would actually pertain to the post below. So here are a few bluebirds instead.

Remember this? An ad campaign to rally support for Obamacare by touting it as a means of sexual liberation: thanks to Obamacare, women could have unrestricted sex with as many partners as they wished–and the government would pay for contraception: or, even better, abortion.

The Day of the Pimp

Now we are told some 80 million of us want this kind of government, and voted for a Pimp-in-Chief.

But that’s just another nooze media lie.

‘They’ll Never Learn’

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Remember, five years ago, the Democrats’ pet expert, a Dr. Gruber, bragging about how easy it was to fool the “stupid” American people into passing Obamacare? Not that the people can be blamed for corrupt tricks on Capitol Hill, except in the sense that we elected the villains in the first place. I’ve often wondered why we do that.

They’ll Never Learn

Why do we consent to be governed by fools, idiots, and rascals who rob us, abuse us, insult us, and despise us? How do you explain Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or Obama himself?

What’s wrong with us?

‘What We Can Learn from Bad Movies’ (2015)

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With so much money invested in it, and so many professionals working on it, and checking their work each day, you’d think it’d be just about impossible to make a really bad movie. Nevertheless, bad movies are as numerous as the sands of the seashore.

What We Can Learn from Bad Movies

What’s the difference between a bad movie and bad public policy? With a bad movie, those responsible for it have to pay the price. But with bad public policy, those who created it walk off scot-free and the public pays the price. You know–like with the COVID-19 lockdowns that wrecked everybody but the loonies in the lab coats and their sponsors in the government.

And bad movies do less harm.

‘The All-Devouring Federal Government’ (2014)

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Jambo, here I am, comin’ atcha with another totally archaic and outmoded notion–

Maybe the government shouldn’t spy on us so they can micromanage our lives for us! Maybe they shouldn’t be allowed even to consider doing things like this–

The All-Devouring Federal Government

Woo-hoo, that’s old-fashioned! Imagine–limiting the power of government! How the dickens are they supposed to create utopia if we tie their hands behind them? Really, who knows better what you should be eating, day to day–you, or some faceless bureaucrat hooked up to an algorithm? Can we get modern here?


‘U.N. Warns U.S.: “Don’t Repeal Obamacare'” (2017)

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Some of the United Nations All-Star team

Why are we still funding the United Nations?

Just as the Western world’s short-sighted greed built up Red China, so has our idiocy enriched and encouraged the UN. A few years ago they were even telling our legislature what we could or couldn’t do.

U.N. Warns U.S.: Don’t Repeal Obamacare

“Sorry, public! The United Nations sez we can’t repeal Obamacare, so I guess we’re stuck with it forever.”

Had Congress any self-respect at all, it would have repealed Obamacare that very day–and gone on to defund the UN.

Let ’em eat Nancy Pelosi’s gourmet ice cream.

Ruled by Pelosi: a Tragicomedy

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Nobody excels at the arrogant fat-headed gesture like Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Remember her parading in triumph down Pennsylvania Avenue (above), after she and her fellow Democrats pulled every dirty trick in the book to ram Obamacare down America’s throat? We’re still choking on it. A triumph not over any foreign foe, but over America.

She was at it again yesterday, handing out pens as “impeachment” souvenirs. They had everything but party hats and noisemakers.

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Revolting, isn’t it?

All a president has to do anymore to get impeached is beat a Democrat in the election. That translates to “abuse of power.” Then there’s “obstruction of Congress.” A president who didn’t obstruct Congress would not be doing his duty, but never mind–Donald Trump “obstructed” a Democrat Congress. I’m sure you see the difference.

In 2018 we let the Democrats capture the House of Reprehensibles, and they’ve done nothing but mischief ever since.

Nancy Pelosi wants to make sure she has a place in history.

I think she has.

‘Ezekiel Emanuel: We’re Living Too Long’ (2014)

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Do you ever get the impression The Smartest People in the World are always looking for an excuse to bump us off? Like this, from four years ago:


The idea seems to be, “We get to decide how long you live,” and, like, shut up about it because we’re so much smarter than you and we gotta manage the world for its own good, blah-blah-blah.

Really, people: if these leftids ever again take control of our country, we won’t get a second chance. The next Obama will be Stalin.

Right Before Our Eyes, a Lie is Born

Never mind Nancy Pelosi’s gift for annoying normal people and appearing to be one step short of going loopy. You don’t have to watch all 11 minutes of this video to see where she’s coming from.

What matters here is that the Democrat Party, right before our very eyes, even as we watch, is creating yet another vast, towering lie.

First Pelosi asserts that “Trumpcare”–any Republican legislation designed to replace the disaster that anyone but brain-dead liberals calls Obamacare–will visit “devastation on the lives of American families.” Don’t you love it when liberals pretend to care about families? Calling any effort to replace Obamacare “a catastrophe,” she predicts “heart-stopping premium increases”–which was, in truth, one of the major features of Obamacare–and foretells doom for “millions of families…” And so on.

It really is amazing to watch this unfold. Aided by the lock-step nooze media, Democrats are trying to create a gigantic lie and embed it in the mind of America. And the lie, a true whopper, is this:

Obamacare has been a fantastic success (untrue), everybody loves it (untrue), there was no down-side to it (those tens of thousands of jobs lost, and even more full-time jobs cut down to part-time–like, that never happened!), and without Obamacare, no one but the super-rich will ever get basic health care in America again.

This is a lie of truly Brobdingnagian proportions. It takes one’s breath away.

Can they possibly make it stick? Can they really, truly, get anyone but college putz-heads to  believe it?

God help us if they can. Because that will mean that we, as a nation, have lost all power of discernment and can no longer see through even the most preposterous lies.