Nhow Yuo can Be A Interllectural Like Me!

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I got to aplaude this Guy nammed U.C. Davis he has got “a” kind of Kit that wil help yiu evven If yiu are a ordrinary dum peple to Become a Interllectural jist like Me “and” us hear at Collidge, al yiu got To “do” is memborize his LGBTQIA Resorce Centter Glossery ( http://lgbtqia.ucdavis.edu/educated/glossary.html ).

us Interllecturals we has alyaws knowed “that” Gay Peple thay are Smarter “then” stopid ordrinary peple whoo Dont “even go to” Collidge and It wuld Be a “good thing” iff evryboddy thay Was Gay or Lessbien or Trans Gender!!. Wel yiu has to Be Smart iff yiu goin to writ a Dictinery! Man “that” U.C.Davis he “is” One Smart indervidderal!

Anyhow iff yiu are jist a ordrinary dum Person whoo dont go to Collidge nhow yiu can Be “a” Interllectural iff yiu reed This “evry” day and Memborize al them Deffanitions! We has all reddy Done this “In” our Gender Studies degreee Pogrom.  and “That” is how Wee got to be Interllecturals!!! Thare isnt nothing Better then Collidge for giving yiu a reel Smart Brane but this hear Gay Glossery it Is “the” next Best thing!!!

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  1. Gender Studies degreee Pogrom

    “pogrom” that’s a well chosen misspelling Lee. I think it will eventually come to that. You can dress it up any way you like, but at the end of the day it’s fascism.

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