Here Comes the Pushback

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I make no pretense of interpreting Bible prophecy in terms of today’s current events. I don’t pore over Revelation and try to draw up a prophetic timetable. God will do what He does, when He does it: and most prophecy is only understood after it’s come to pass.

But I think a lifelong study of the art has given me some ability to interpret history, even the ongoing history that we are living through.

I read a provocative column by Michael Barone the other day ( ) in which he discussed sort of the same thing that has happened in two very different countries, Britain and Colombia. In both cases:

*There was a public policy at issue, strongly favored by the nation’s rulers and by voters in the capitol cities;

*Opposition to the issue came from the people in “flyover country” who are always ignored by the bigwigs;

*In both cases, polls predicted that the issue would win, hands-down;

*And in both cases, it lost. Hands-down.

We have something similar going on right here in America. We have policies eagerly pushed by our bosses–open borders, sweetheart trade deals with not  altogether honest trading partners, and whatever can lead to bigger and bigger, more and more powerful government–seconded by the whoopee crowd in Washington and Hollywood… and hated and opposed by the regular people. And the Donald Trump candidacy, like the TEA Party movement before it, is strong evidence that the American people are getting good and fed up with their leadership. And may be just about ready to do something about it.

Throughout the whole world it becomes increasingly obvious that the interests of the leaders and the interests of the people aren’t even in the same area code, and that the leaders, the Davos crowd, have their own agenda which is no way, no how, our agenda.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the infection of communism spread all throughout the West.

By now, maybe, God has provided us with antibodies.

Let us put our heads down, do our duty, and occupy until He comes. Whenever that may be.

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  1. I hope so Lee. I’ve studied prophecy for years Nd be live that in the overall picture Big things are a brewing. I say this, not to urge inactjon, but to hold out hope. In the meantime, we have to live and go about our business. In Jeremiah 29 the exiles were told to pray for the welfare of the cities to which they were sent for their own, individual welfare was linked thereto. In that spirit, I want the best for all of mankind, and certainly for my homeland of the U.S.

    If it doesn’t turn out that way, I will take comfort in the hopes prophecied in the bible and will go forward buoyed by these hopes. But, believe me, if God should bless us as He did in the eighties, you won’t hear any complaints from me.

    No one knows the details of how all of this will all play out, but it is fascinating to watch and to learn.

  2. Harrowing is a good word for it. The best I can come up with is that we know which side will win the game, but we don’t know how high the score for either side will be along the way. We have only the most scant information as to where we are in the game and we have no idea how the individual plays might happen along the way.

    I have absolute faith in the outcome but I couldn’t think of a better word than “harrowing” to describe what lies ahead. That’s when a cat video can come in very handy. That’s no joke, either. When the disorder and perversity of it all discourage me I look to the animal world as an example of just how “God’s stuff works”. I’ve used that myself for years and appreciate this site as a refuge where this great truth is appreciated. God’s stuff does work, and the human race is made in His very image, so, as a species, we have to reflect that image in an honorable way. I have every confidence that this will do,e to pass; hopefully this will happen within my lifespan.

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