Encore, ‘O Holy Night’ (John Berry)

This version, sung by John Berry, has also been posted on my chess page, and I’m moved to share it here (thank you, “Ohio Chess Fan”).


Because this indeed is our answer to this evil and benighted age: to the whited walls of renegade churches, to the rattling empty gourds who think they might as well use dead astronauts to “create new forms of life” on other planets, to the secular tyrants and their libido for coercion–our answer is this baby in a manger, and the man on the cross, and the same man risen triumphant from the tomb: this man, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and King of Kings.

For our God is indeed an awesome God.

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  1. Great blessing, and I have a couple of suggestions if you like. Carroll Roberson singing Lord Take All That I Have, and He’s Enough.

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