‘O Holy Night’ in Swedish

My friend “Count Wedgemore” posted this on my chess page a few days ago–O halga natt (O Holy Night), sung by the great Swedish tenor, Jussi Bjorling, in 1959. Wait’ll you hear his voice!

Years later, Luciano Pavarotti was asked to compare himself to Bjorling. He declined. “I’m only human,” he said.

‘O Holy Night’ (A Capella)

Jessicafischerqueen posted this on my chess page. “There’s something unexpected about it,” she says–O Holy Night by MattNickleMusic.

Gee, only six days to Christmas! If you haven’t entered the carol contest yet–well, now’s a good time to jump in!

‘O Holy Night’ (John Berry)

I think this is my friend OhioChessFan’s favorite Christmas hymn–O Holy Night, sung by John Berry. He posted it on my chess page yesterday, and I want to share it with you here.

If you want to listen to the other hymns posted there yesterday, before I can bring them all here, visit http://www.chessgames.com/ , scroll down and click “Chessforums,” scroll until you find the little green dinosaur and “playground player” (that’s me), and click it. They’re all still there.

By Request, ‘O Holy Night’

I seem to be doing a lot of Nat King Cole this Christmas. Well, why not?

Requested by TheWhiteRabbit, O Holy Night.

Hard to believe someone just sat down and wrote this, isn’t it?

By Request, ‘O Holy Night’

Requested by Erlene–O Holy Night, sung by the Kings College Choir. There are many versions of this hymn available; this is one of my favorites.

O Lord! May this Christmas of 2019 do its work powerfully and well! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘O, Holy Night’ (John Berry)

My friend “Ohio Chess Fan” posted this on my chess forum at Chessgames.com–O Holy Night, sung by John Berry.

Only God the Father would have looked on the sins and sufferings of this world and thought of sending not an army, but a baby in a manger, to save it.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us another Christmas! Every one of them is fresh and new. Please bless this Christmas season of 2018 and give it extraordinary power to draw our hearts to Jesus Christ, our Savior and our rightful King. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘O Holy Night’ (Andre Rieu)

If you went over to my aunts’ house anytime around Christmas, Andre Rieu was on their TV. They couldn’t get enough of his Christmas specials. I like to remember this.

Anyhow, here he is with his Johann Strauss orchestra–Andre Rieu, O Holy Night: dedicated to Gertie, Millie, and Joan.

By Request, ‘O Holy Night’ (Emer Barry)

We have this request from Joshua, to start the day–O Holy Night, sung by Emer Barry, backed up by Affiniti and the Palestrina Boys Choir.

Come on, now folks–hymns are part of our arsenal, with which we wage spiritual warfare against the evils of this age: they can save souls. Let’s muscle up on those Christmas Carol Contest entries.

By Request, ‘O Holy Night’ (Il Divo)

Justin’s brother, Jeremy, enters our Christmas Carol Contest with this request: O Holy Night, by Il Divo.

So far, What Child Is This? continues to lead with 22 views on the day it was posted. I don’t know–is that a lot of views? Well, we’ll find out, I guess.

By Request, ‘O, Holy Night’


By now I’ve listened to and posted four Christmas hymn requests this morning, and my heart is stirred. I can’t listen to Pavarotti sing Christmas without my eyes filling up. It’s OK; it’s a tribute paid to the Lord.

Requested by “SlimJim”–I hope you don’t mind that he sings this French carol in the original French: besides which, he was in Montreal at the time.