And Then They Came for Our Fiction

Midsomer Murders

Here’s something that happened five years ago that I just found out about last night–and it has made me very angry.

In 2011 Brian True-May, the creator and executive producer of Midsomer Murders, the internationally-popular British “cozy crime” series, was suspended from his own show after he admitted that he deliberately kept ‘ethnic minorities’ out of the show’s storylines ( ). The series is still running, but Jo Wright is now the executive producer and Mr. True-May is history.

Yes, I know Midsomer Murders contains a fair amount of Christian-bashing. That’s why Patty and I don’t watch it anymore. And no, I’m not saying ethnic minorities should be segregated from the ethnic majority, if there is one.

What I object to most strenuously indeed is that any artist, any creative person, should be subjected to some kind of quasi-criminal “investigation” because he either left out of his creation something which the big-shots thought should be in it, or put something in that the big-shots thought should’ve been left out. Like, if they don’t like the content, they don’t have to publish it.

Midsomer Murders was a big success for years, under True-May’s leadership–maybe because of its idealistic depiction of English village life, which might not have been so idealistic if he hadn’t presented it as he did. But suddenly True-May’s picture of English village life was a little too English for the PC whoopee crowd–and he made matters worse by admitting to an artistic vision which they were content to profit from for as long as it remained unspoken.

Crikey, they’ll be coming after Miss Marple next.

Humanism, socialism… whatever you want to call it, the bottom line is total control of every aspect of human existence by a little cadre of self-anointed experts and philosopher-kings.

Well, I’ve left some things out of my books that I’m never going to put in; and I wonder when they’ll come for me.

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  1. Just this morning I discovered a verse that I think applies mightily: 2 Thessalonians 2:11 For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,

    I believe with all my heart that we are seeing mass delusion all around is and this verse explains it. Keep up the good fight, Lee.

  2. Perhaps these ethnic protesters, known as ‘diversity’ fanatics, prefer watching a US version of Midsummer Murders about This Summer’s ugly cityside of black mobs rioting, looting, shooting and murdering whites, Christians, patriots, veterans, police and gun owners. Just can’t please these social ‘justice’ freaks otherwise.

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