Public Service Message: Pick Up Your $#@#$ Dog Poo!

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At the risk of being unseemly, I would like to urge dog owners–especially the ones in my own neighborhood–to pick up after their dogs. Two days in a row, I’ve stepped in it–right outside my own front door, no less. Someone around here is not bothering to do the right thing.

I think you can tell from the videos I post here that I’m not anti-dog. Heaven forbid. But I am anti-inconsiderate slob. Our town also has an ordinance against letting your dog dump all over the place and not picking it up. So whoever is doing this is not only an inconsiderate slob, but a law-breaker.

Haven’t we got enough troubles, without this?


2 comments on “Public Service Message: Pick Up Your $#@#$ Dog Poo!

  1. I live in the center of a city, in a townhouse, surrounded by 4 streets. People come from around the corners with their dogs and let them poop wherever they want. I’ve called the City, the Streets Dept, my State rep and Senator – nothing is being done about it. I’ve filmed a few people with my camera in their face and a few never came back, but there’s always more that do. “Law-breakers”? I guess that depends on who your bureaucrats are.

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