Now I’ve Seen Everything! A Pet Porcupine

I have to run off to the doctor this morning for a checkup, and don’t have time to do much beyond posting this far-out video.

I don’t suppose porcupines get much of a chance for cuddly-wuddlies. That must be why this little guy’s so happy. He can hardly contain himself!

Do you think this might start a fad?

2 comments on “Now I’ve Seen Everything! A Pet Porcupine

  1. One of the most endearing experiences of my life was a chance encounter with a young porcupine. This little critter was walking through a neighborhood and the dogs were going nuts. I came up to him and knelt nearby. He was very curious and very friendly, as long as I moved at a glacial pace. Anything faster and he wanted to bolt.

  2. My two sons played with one in the woods once when they were 6 and 10 years old, but when their dad found out, they were scolded and warned never to do it again. He had seen too many wounded dogs who dared to get too close.

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