Hello? Comment Contest, 100 Left to Go

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Sorry–I am unable to award the contest winner King Tut’s throne, just couldn’t swing the deal.

How d’ya like that? I announce a comment contest, and people stop commenting. Must be on account of Thanksgiving: everybody’s busy.

Anyway, there are about 100 comments left to go to reach 10,000: and whoever posts No. 10,000 will win an autographed copy of one of my books. I was hoping to offer a rather grander prize, but this will have to do.

Anyone can play, and anything you say is eligible, with the following exceptions: remarks abusive to me or to another reader; comments featuring the f-bomb and other profanity (yes, I know, Science says that cursing proves you’re smart: but it won’t win you a contest here); commercials thinly disguised as comments; and comments simply too inane to bother with. Otherwise, anything goes.

The Throne has not yet been published, but it will be soon; and if you want it for your prize, I’ll reserve a copy for you. Note to self: Heidi (I think) has a copy coming to her.

8 comments on “Hello? Comment Contest, 100 Left to Go

  1. I kind of lost track there for awhile. I have some serious problems in my family that have kept me pretty preoccupied, plus my health is not holding up for me these days. Although the clinic cannot find anything wrong, they have referrred me to neurology, cardiology and others. All that can wait. Mainly, I am concerned for my son who has been prescribed nitroglycerin.
    Much prayer going on here.

  2. Put on the whole armour of God,that he may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Eph.ch 6v11. Brothers and sisters in Christ, we are to suit up for the battle cry has been declared…we must be watchman on the wall and sound the alarm for things are about to ramp up. The peace and safety that seems to be lulling the children asleep are about to have a very rude awakening. The only way to receive discernment is through God’s word, for we are being lied too. Pray that God gives us all spiritual eyes and ears to see through all the filth and deception. Thank you for this wonderful blog and May God guide and protect us all….Shannon Brown

  3. Thank you very much, Lee. I can use all the prayers I can get. You are in
    my prayers, too, as well as the others who have requested on this blog.

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