Finally! ‘The Throne’

The Throne (Bell Mountain, 9)

At last, the ninth book of my Bell Mountain series, The Throne, is on sale. There’s been some difficulty in preparing the e-book edition, but the paperback is out and you can order it straight from the publisher, at (click “Store,” then “Fiction”), or from, where they don’t yet have the picture, but that will probably come today.

Shout-outs to contest winners Savannah and Heidi: Savannah, I have your address, thanks so much for your patience, and I’ll ship your autographed copy to you ASAP (I’ve just received my author’s copies). Heidi, I need your address. Email it to me at .

I’ll have more to say about this letter. For now, I’ve got to hustle because I have another doctor’s appointment this morning. *sigh*

And thanks to all of you who kept at it last night and helped me get those 6,000 hits for February!

Comment Contest–Winner Today?

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I’m excited, Binky the Dog is excited–that makes two of us, at least.

Comment No. 10,000 is a big milestone for this blog, and whoever posts it wins an autographed copy of one of my books. Originally the prize was going to be the Panama Canal, but our legal department botched that deal.

Anyone can play, and any comment will suffice, except for the following: remarks abusive to me or to another reader, blasphemy, remarks that make use of the f-bomb or other profanity, comments that are really thinly disguised commercials and an insult to our intelligence, or, finally, comments that are simply too inane to bother with. Aside from that, anything goes. Somebody (she knows who she is!) once won a book just by saying “Ugh!”

Come on! Only 15 comments to go!

Note: The Throne isn’t out yet, but if that’s the prize you want, I’ll reserve a copy for you.

Hello? Comment Contest, 100 Left to Go

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Sorry–I am unable to award the contest winner King Tut’s throne, just couldn’t swing the deal.

How d’ya like that? I announce a comment contest, and people stop commenting. Must be on account of Thanksgiving: everybody’s busy.

Anyway, there are about 100 comments left to go to reach 10,000: and whoever posts No. 10,000 will win an autographed copy of one of my books. I was hoping to offer a rather grander prize, but this will have to do.

Anyone can play, and anything you say is eligible, with the following exceptions: remarks abusive to me or to another reader; comments featuring the f-bomb and other profanity (yes, I know, Science says that cursing proves you’re smart: but it won’t win you a contest here); commercials thinly disguised as comments; and comments simply too inane to bother with. Otherwise, anything goes.

The Throne has not yet been published, but it will be soon; and if you want it for your prize, I’ll reserve a copy for you. Note to self: Heidi (I think) has a copy coming to her.

**Sneak Preview Alert**

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I’ve seen the cover art for The Throne (Bell Mountain No. 9), Kirk DouPonce has done another splendid job… and if I can swing it, I’d like to post it here so you can see it.

I’m hopeful that The Throne will be made available in time for Christmas. My books, by the way, make fantastic Christmas gifts. Well, all right, very small beer indeed, in light of what Christmas is really about–like, it’s only the Word of God made flesh and personally coming into our fallen world to make atonement for our sins and win for us eternal life. So can I say my books my nice gifts, any day of the year?

So, keep your eyes peeled for The Throne cover art, today or tomorrow, and let me know how you like it.

Comment Contest: <200 to Go

Yes, I know I’ve already said it was only a hundred and change to go, but that was because I mis-read the stats. Sorry about that.

There are fewer than 200 comments to go, and whoever posts Comment No. 9,000 will win an autographed copy of one of my books. I’m hopeful that Bell Mountain No. 9, The Throne, will be available in time for Christmas. So if that’s the one you want, go for it.

Anyone can play–just leave a comment under any post on this blog.

Ineligible will be comments abusive to me or to another reader, those containing the f-bomb or other profanity, blasphemy, commercials thinly disguised as comments–really, how does anyone expect to get away with that?–or comments simply too inane to bother with.

Wow! A New Comment Contest!

Holy cow, I almost let the time slip by! It’s time for a new comment contest–and with only 100 and change left to go.

Whoever posts Comment No. 9,000 on this blog will win an autographed copy of one of my books. Bell Mountain No. 9, The Throne, isn’t available yet, but if you want to choose it as your prize, that’s all right by me.

Anyone can play–just leave a comment at the bottom of any post. Pretty much anything goes, but there are some boundaries. Ineligible will be any comments abusive to me or to another reader, any that include the f-bomb or any other profanity, any kind of blasphemy, anything that’s really a commercial thinly disguised as a comment, or anything simply too inane to bother with.

There’s not much time left, so if you want to play, hop in!

My New Book–Finished!

(Here’s Jack climbing the wall of the Palace in Obann, in Book No. 6. Artwork by Kirk DouPonce)

The Throne (Book No. 9 in the Bell Mountain Series) is done. I’ve just typed up and polished the last few chapters and sent them on to my editor.

Now what’ll I do?

You work on a book practically every day for six months, hours at a sitting, and thinking about it when you’re not actually writing about it, and suddenly it’s over. Someday you’ll have to start the formal proof-reading, write the cover blurb, and see the artwork for a brand-new cover; but that’s not quite the same as writing it.

No, I can’t just sit down and start writing the next one. Months will go by before I can even begin to do that.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, go to the top of the page and click “Books.” See the covers, read the blurbs and sample chapters. And the blog archives are full of reviews, to say nothing of the Customer Reviews on

We will try to put The Temple (That’s Book No. 8) on the market in time for Christmas. But if we can’t make it–well, look, there are still seven of them out there, and they’ll make great presents.

My Baby is About to Leave the Nest

Fall is here, all right. Summer quits the stage, in obedience to the Director.

And I am almost done writing “The Throne,” the ninth book of my Bell Mountain series. Just applying the finishing touches.

I don’t know about other writers, but when I finish writing a book, I have a sense of loss–like, now what do I do? I’ve been at this since the start of spring, and now it’s fall and it’s over. It’s like raising a child to the point where he grows up and leaves home to make his own way in the world. Only of course your book never winds up moving back in because he’s made a mess of things. Your book never goes to collidge and winds up being a chowderhead.

I can’t just whip right into another book, and I don’t understand writers who say they can. It takes me months and months to come up with ideas for the next story in the series.

How many will I wind up writing? As many as the Lord lets me. The story of Obann is a kind of history, and history doesn’t stop. I will continue for as long as I can.