The Giant Birds in My Books

The “terror bird” in this National Geographic video is very similar to the huge, flightless, killer birds that haunt the plains of Obann in my Bell Mountain books. One of them killed Martis’ horse and ate it, almost bagging Martis, too. Another was raised from a chick by Perkin the wanderer and is now a kind of bodyguard to King Ryons. Perkin named it Baby.

If you’ve ever wondered what these creatures look like, this video will do.

These are fearsome predators, and you don’t want to be walking alone on the plains when one of them is hungry. You probably don’t want to be riding, either: the bird can outrun most horses.

Not at all a poor guardian for a boy king with a lot of enemies!

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  1. I have to laugh at these presentations regarding prehistoric creatures. They can only surmise what could happen and what did happen. While they might base their surmising on characteristics suggested by the fissile record, it is still a story they made up and in no way based upon any actual events.

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