Godzilla vs. Utopian Globalists

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It’s a tradition around here to watch a Godzilla movie on Thanksgiving. This year we watched Godzilla vs. Gigan, a 1972 movie that turned out to be eerily applicable to 2016.

The villains are giant cockroaches who can take on human form, and, posing as a great children’s charity, and claiming to be working for “perfect peace,” they plan to achieve it by–well, killing off the human race.

Sound familiar?

The only real obstacle to their plans is Godzilla, and they’ve recruited a couple of huge outer space monsters to take care of him. But as usually happens, the bad guys are foiled and the only thing that’s achieved is, of course, yet another destruction of Tokyo. Angry gigantic monsters really do play hob with a city’s infrastructure.

There are those who say Godzilla movies are childish nonsense. But I say, take your laughs when you can get ’em. We found on youtube a beautifully remastered Godzilla vs. Gigan, dubbed in English–and with Portuguese subtitles, no less! How cool is that? Watch this often enough, and you’ll learn Portuguese.

Beware people who control huge charitable foundations, ostensibly to benefit “the children,” and promise to bestow any form of perfection on this fallen world. And never, never vote for one of them.


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  1. Hey, Lee, that’s a great idea for a family tradition: watching Godzilla movies. I don’t remember how many movies I’ve seen over the years featuring the lovable dinosaur(?) but I enjoy watching them. A couple years ago I spent some quality time with my grandson looking at googled images of Godzilla on my computer. That’s all we did and we both learned so much about the other during that time. About a year ago, we sat and watched Godzilla at my daughter’s house. Kind of fun joining in with my grandson watching something that was popular when I was his age. Now I’m on a quest to find an origami model to make for Christmas. I want to give it to my grandson. I think he will appreciate it.

    1. It was my Grandma who took me to see “Godzilla” at the movies; and as we were a few minutes late (on account of the long line of kids outside the theater), Grandma let us stay for the second showing.

      Things like that you don’t forget!

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